Your Quality Content Should Speak with Your Voice

Hands_on_KeyboardThe best integrated communications have quality content written by someone who cares – who is passionate – generally has a distinct ring and snap or sparkle. The passion… and the knowledge… show through. You know that they really know what they’re talking about.

The most convincing voice you can use in your quality content is your own voice! Readers are moved by those who speak from the heart with their real voice.

So as you develop your content marketing strategy, how do you find your voice?

First: What Are You Passionate About?

Ask yourself, “What topic can I talk about for hours on end… a topic that I could talk passionately about even if I wasn’t getting paid?” Look for something that really lights you up in life and gets you excited.

For instance, if you operate a hair salon and you’re passionate about hair “coloring” in particular, that is a great place to start. Create and publish several articles on coloring.

You can be sure that not every passion can easily be turned into relevant online content, but you might be surprised at how many people actually do manage to turn their passions into profit-boosting online content.

So when you start with what you’re really passionate about, it will come through in your voice – your readers will, “hear” you.

Next: Express Yourself, but Be a Bit Cautious

If you’re speaking from your heart with your real voice, you may occasionally rub people the wrong way. Remember, you are either the business owner or speaking for the business owner, and people read what you write as the true representation of the company so it’s important to maintain a professional demeanor. As with everything you do with your business, always think of your customer. If you feel your customers may not like what you are saying, don’t say it – you really do want your customers to come back, don’t you?

Then: Create Content to Get the Results You Need

When you’re actually writing content, always speak as you would with a friend and customer. This should lead to honest, sincere, expressive wording that continues to be positive in nature. (Keep in mind the marketing lesson I learned a long time ago… from my parents. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”)

So can your readers and customers tell the difference in your writing when you really care if they succeed vs. if you are just writing to, “get something up?” Most likely yes because of the “voice” that you will subconsciously adopt. I’m sure you’ve read supposedly informative pieces in the news or business magazines that just, “ring false.”

When you’re writing content on which your business and its reputation depend, motivate your writing with the answer to questions like:

  • Who are you trying to help with this content?
  • How would you like their life to change as a result of you writing this content for them?

When you are really writing to help, your readers will know – they will sense it, and reward you with trust and loyalty.

Your written voice isn’t “one thing” that your readers and customers will point to and say, “Yeah, I like that.” It’s really the overall impression your writing leaves, and it’s just one part of how your customers perceive your business.

A weak or negative voice can turn people away from your content, but an informed, honest, and passionate voice creates a sense of shared community, loyalty, and following… it’s just good for business!





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