Today is World Photography Day

Suculent-Flower-WebJust a quick note.

Today is World Photography Day! In all my years in the photo business, I had not heard of this. So I joined immediately.

Because I “grew up” in the photographic division of Minolta, as I expanded my duties to include all of marketing communications, I always tried to use photos to illustrate points that were being made in print or in live presentations (the bulk of where I was involved). From this background, you can also see that I usually try to include appropriate photos in almost everything I post… I like pictures!

Because photographic images are such an important part of communications for the small office and small business, we should all support this effort, so head over the World Photography Day web site and join up.






(The photo is a scan of a slide I took MANY years ago of a small, about 2″ across, plant in a friend’s rock garden. Sorry, I don’t know what kind of plant it is.)

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