Time Management – Keys to Creating More Time in Each Day

As small office communicators, we all feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Truth is, we get the same 24 as everyone else, and that’s generally more than enough to do what needs to be done. The challenging part is time management… making the most of those hours and also ensuring we can enjoy more time with our families. Here are a few good ways to carve out more time from the same number of hours.


Time Management ClockAre all the actions you take getting results? Take a good look and identify which are and which aren’t. The actions that aren’t making a difference to the results you want should either be cut out or streamlined so that they don’t take as much of your time. In particular, get rid of daily tasks that don’t offer long-term benefits. Good time management practice is to monitor how much time you spend on each task with a timer and see where you could be more efficient.


Computers and the online world today are great – so much of the work you need to do can be automated. There are software programs that do just about everything and many of them are free to use. Take a look at your tasks starting with the ones that are most mindless. Identify which ones could be run on autopilot and then look for a program to do them for you. And then follow this step with this next step…


This was one of the greatest things I learned when I started my media production department at Minolta… DELEGATE! I found it was so much better to hire someone to do many of the things that I COULD do, but they could do BETTER! And not just better, they did it faster. And the most important advantage of bringing someone in to do some of the work, or sending work out, is that these people can spend their full day doing what you need done. I always found that I had to split my time on various different tasks, so NONE of them got the full attention they deserved. Hire people to do these kinds of tasks for you and watch how much more time you can spend with your family! You’ll probably find that you can actually take on more projects by delegating some of the work to better and more productive workers. So whether you’re an Internet marketer with access to a virtual assistant or a busy parent with kids who can help, all you need to do is ask. As you identify tasks that could be automated, also make a list of items which could be done by someone else. Determine the skills needed for each task and the type of person who has those skills. If you don’t already have access to the help, you can find service providers looking for work on freelance websites. Even better, ask for recommendations from people you know and trust.

Take Breaks

Wait a minute – you want to get things done faster and more efficiently. Why on earth would you want to take more breaks? Simple! When you work for too long at a stretch, you start to burn out and lose focus. You may not realize it, but your productivity lags and you don’t get things done as quickly or to the best of your ability. Take those quick breaks every hour where you simply get up and stretch – because you’ll stretch your mind too. Even five minutes will help. These will allow you to work for longer and keep your focus where it belongs.

Stop Interruptions

Good time management practices let you create more time in your day by cutting out activities that waste it. Cut out the distractions and be strict about the times when you’re working and not working. If you work at home, tell your family not to disturb you during working times. Stay on task and avoid checking email, looking at social sites (unless they are part of your marketing) or surfing the Web (unless you are doing competitive research. Just make sure all those potential distractors are actually contributing to the success of your business.

Vary Your Schedule

Most of us small office communicators have certain times of day when we’re more productive. For example, many people find the mornings good for content writing because that’s when their focus is at its sharpest (I happen to be one of those). Experiment with your schedule and find your own “sweet spot” for each type of activity.

Know Your Limits

These are all great time management practices to make more hours in the day, but we also need to take an honest look at ourselves and know our limits. Should you really be aiming for a 12-hour workday? Good time management will help us get more done each day, but the time we gain shouldn’t be used for more work… it should be used for more family and relaxation – and THAT will give you better focus to get more done when you are working.


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