The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

An article I wrote a few years ago highlights the value of Hybrid Teams for Small Office Communicators. Based on my experience operating an award winning Communications Department at Minolta, it highlighted the value I found using a mix of in house and outside resources. It also introduces the concept of the Virtual Assistant, one of the greatest values brought about by the internet age.

I still believe this is the most practical path to communications excellence, especially for the smaller company. My next series of posts will be about the magic of Virtual Assistants: how to find them, and how to use them to your best advantage.

For instance, one of the battles that small office communicators constantly fight is with computers, the programs they work with, and working on the internet – for instance, with WordPress Blogs… like this one. For this, your Virtual Assistant is, a GEEK. The Geek Guidebook introduces you best practices for finding and working with these specialized virtual assistants. Check it out.

Tune in for the upcoming posts to explore the wonderful world of Virtual Assistants.

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