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More Content for SEO is Better but Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The online component of today’s integrated marketing communications includes both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies. And underlying that is the need for more content to keep attracting search engine traffic. But, as we generate information, it’s important not to sacrifice quality by remembering to write for people… our customers and […]


SEO – Quality Content More Important Today

Search engines are important, but today, it’s more important to our integrated marketing communications efforts to create quality content online… for humans… our customers and potential customers… who will actually be reading and responding to that content. This was not always the case. As Small Office Communicators, many of us learned that writing for search […]


Guest Post – The Biggest Myth About Content Marketing

From: Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter: June 5, 2014 Don’t get me wrong…. I am a big fan of content marketing – marketing based on dissemination of free information that is useful and interesting to prospects. I use content marketing all the time for myself and my clients … and have been doing so for […]


Informative “Profitable Email Webinar” – Listen to the Replay

I just watched a very informative profitable email webinar, “Why You’re Sitting on a Goldmine of Leads and How to Start Profitably Mining Your Business for them Today!” It was so good, I want to share it with all of you. The program was by Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean of… some of you […]


How to Use Visuals in Your Marketing Stories

Last blog post I told you about how to ensure that your marketing story is something that your audience wants to read. Now I want to explain how the words that you use, the images that you include, and the format of your marketing story makes a difference in how your audience perceives the story. […]


Integrated marketing Communications – Live Meeting Openers

One of the really exciting integrated marketing communications tasks that rightly belong to we, The Small Office Communicators, is creating meetings to solve problems and introduce new products and concepts. I’ve got several posts and an article that go into some of the thinking that triggers the need for a meeting (listed on a post […]


New Article – If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!

Quick Note: As promised, I found the article, “If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!” You can read it here.  


How to Tell Stories Your Audience Wants to Read

Last blog post we talked about putting a twist on traditional stories. It’s important to tell creative stories that your audience wants to read. But, how in the world do you know what stories your audience wants to read? You may be tired of hearing it but it all goes back to knowing who your […]


Recommended Post: The Fail-Safe Guide to Planning a Marketing Campaign

Just read a great Marketing Campaign article by Lynsey Bowen, The Fail-Safe Guide to Planning a Marketing Campaign. It is a great extension to my posts: Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 1 Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 2 Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 3 It also ties in with my article at […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – Fascinating Corporate ID Story

Just saw a fascinating integrated marketing communications story in Ad Age. A Norwegian grocery chain is building an entire Corporate Identification program around the grilling season (of course, my grilling season is year ’round… but in Norway, it might be a bit tough in the winter). They’re creating an alphabet out of grilled meats and […]



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