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Integrated Marketing Communications – Inside and Outside Resources Do It Best

Just read a great article in today’s Ad Age, As Marketers’ Internal Teams Get Stronger, How Agencies Can Collaborate. I have been advocating this since my early days at Minolta. When you combine their creativity with research data available to the folks who do creative every day with the creativity and brand knowledge of folks […]


More Content for SEO is Better but Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The online component of today’s integrated marketing communications includes both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies. And underlying that is the need for more content to keep attracting search engine traffic. But, as we generate information, it’s important not to sacrifice quality by remembering to write for people… our customers and […]


Interesting Article – Social Traffic Comes from Mobile

Interesting article and interesting concept: The Majority of Social Media Traffic Comes from Mobil. I have a slightly different take on this. I suspect that many communications professionals, when working in their offices, are at their computers working away… but keep their mobile devices close to keep an eye on Social sites to keep up […]


Interesting Article – Marcomm is Growing

Just read an informative article on a UK recruiting web site EMR Recruitment. You can read it here: Though this is talking about bigger companies in the United Kingdom, what it means for the Small Office Communicator is that Marketing Communications – Marcomm – is gaining respect and importance in the business world and […]


[NO COST webinar] Swipe Files – Your shortcut to world class copy

In business, we all want to make more profits, right? After all, that’s why we’re in business, right? Well if you’re with me here, then you know how much you need to market – market – market … and good marketing absolutely requires strong copy; for any business – photography, trombones, or the business of […]


Business Process Automation for Website Creation

Building new websites for your business, whether online only or offline/online, can be a time-consuming, and for some, a frightening task. But today, there are quite a few tools to help you automate the process to give you more time for your building your business strategy, building your relationships, building content that your readers – […]


Should You Automate Your Business Processes? Definitely!

This is the first in a series of ten posts about the need to Automate Your Business Processes. One of the nice things about the online portion of any business, whether online only or offline/online, is that you can automate business processes. Think about the many day in/day out tasks you do related to your […]


4 Tips for Greener Home Office Supplies

It has never been easier to find Eco-friendly greener home office supplies than it is today.  Office supply stores, both brick and mortar and click and order, offer wide selections made from recycled – and recyclable  materials. Here are some tips that will help you be good and green, and also be good to your […]


Guest Post: Business Copywriting Makeover That Makes Honey Even Sweeter

(Note from Dan: This post and the previous one are “Guest Posts” By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero: the Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of “The She Factor” Her copywriting insights and courses are well worth your time an effort to read and learn from.) Copy Makeover That Makes Honey Even Sweeter By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting […]


Brochure Creation: Top 10 Creative Tips

Just read a very interesting post on Brochure Design: Top 10 Creative Tips. Very good article, but I would reorder the tips considerably. Where they put several valuable design concepts first, I would move them down the list, subordinate to COPY. First, as with every communications project, WHY are you doing this? Everything you […]



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