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Ali Brown – Business Bliss in Two Weeks

As you’ve been witnessing, what “success” means to entrepreneur/mentor Ali Brown has changed a lot in the past few years. She likes to describe it as finally finding her “business bliss.” And the more people she talks to, the more she realizes this is really the ongoing goal. Yes, we all want to make more money and have a successful venture. […]


Integrated marketing Communications – Live Meeting Openers

One of the really exciting integrated marketing communications tasks that rightly belong to we, The Small Office Communicators, is creating meetings to solve problems and introduce new products and concepts. I’ve got several posts and an article that go into some of the thinking that triggers the need for a meeting (listed on a post […]


Recommended Post: The Fail-Safe Guide to Planning a Marketing Campaign

Just read a great Marketing Campaign article by Lynsey Bowen, The Fail-Safe Guide to Planning a Marketing Campaign. It is a great extension to my posts: Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 1 Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 2 Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 3 It also ties in with my article at […]


Guest Post – Is Your Time Worth What You Think It Is?

Time is the most important asset you have—and unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t earn any more. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your 24 hours, especially as a business owner. So, how can you become more productive and profitable, without working insane hours and sacrificing your personal life? […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – Fascinating Corporate ID Story

Just saw a fascinating integrated marketing communications story in Ad Age. A Norwegian grocery chain is building an entire Corporate Identification program around the grilling season (of course, my grilling season is year ’round… but in Norway, it might be a bit tough in the winter). They’re creating an alphabet out of grilled meats and […]


Integrated Marketing Communication is for Small Offices Too

As we talk about Integrated Marketing Communications, we’d like everyone to remember one thing… this is not just for big companies – integrated marketing communications should be “integral” to even the smallest companies’, houses of worship, stores’… any small office communicator’s efforts. So whether in print ads, brochures, a referral program, radio, online, or TV […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – Your Logo Equals Your Signature

Integrated Marketing Communications starts with your company logo. Your logo is your company’s signature. It is the common element in all of your marketing materials that immediately “triggers” the identification with the reader or viewer that this is from YOUR company, and no other. For many years, I was the, “Chief Logo Cop” at Minolta, […]


Learn with the Website Design Mojo Workshop – Save $100

Do you know Angela Wills – The Chief Mojo Maker? Angela has built her amazing flagship training program, “Website Design Mojo” that starts in 3 Weeks! (You’ll find that Angela is partial to, “mojo” as she uses it as a $100 off coupon for this program). And Angela is passionate about her business, and that […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – What is It?

Today, there are many definitions of Integrated Marketing Communications – most are wordy and unclear. I prefer a simple definition that has served me well for quite a few years: “All your company’s marketing materials should speak with the same voice and look like they came from the same company.” It doesn’t matter if you’re looking […]


Interesting Article – Social Traffic Comes from Mobile

Interesting article and interesting concept: The Majority of Social Media Traffic Comes from Mobil. I have a slightly different take on this. I suspect that many communications professionals, when working in their offices, are at their computers working away… but keep their mobile devices close to keep an eye on Social sites to keep up […]



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