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Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #8: Moving It Forward

OK…your referral marketing communications plan is paying off and you have a collection of leads. These are not “hot” leads, they are only “warm.” Now you need to “heat them up” and turn them into sales… and fulfill your promise to your referrers. Before you start planning for that new computer, here are the next […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #7: Make It Easy for Referrers

For many years in the business world, I have lived by the guideline, “Make it easy for people to do what you want them to do.” Even if you create the best referral marketing communication plan in the world, with today’s very busy life, your referral marketing program will not work well if it is […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #6: Market Your Program!

Marketing is the same for small business as it is for big business – letting people know you are there and telling them about the good products and services you have to offer. Your referral marketing communications plan is just another part of your marketing mix that needs promotion. The only people who can benefit […]


You Need a Web Site – Build it Right

Today, every business must have a web site, from beauty salons and body shops, to restaurants and retailers – and online businesses too. The world is looking for information, and the internet is the first place they look. One of the best and most productive tools I’ve found is Site Build It! A great resource […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #5: Success with Customer Testimonials

One of the most powerful and productive marketing tools you can use when looking for quality referrals is customer testimonials. Satisfied clients’ recommendations make your referral marketing communications plan that much stronger: The testimonial builds commitment. When your customer’s name and faces have appeared in a direct mailing piece, on your website, or in a […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #4: Give Great Service

You’ve heard it before – but I’m going to say it anyway. As part of your referral marketing communications plan, the number-one way to ensure quality referral leads is to give great service. Satisfied customers are much more likely to refer their friends and colleagues your way. Here are the top six tips for making […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #3: Reward the Referrer

As part of your marketing communications plan, when you ask your friends or acquaintances to refer leads for someone who might be interested in your services or products, many may give you a name or two. But to really rev up your referral responses and get lots of leads, promise a reward. They will suddenly […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #2: Set Up a Successful Referral Lead Generation Process

A recent article in a sales magazine told of the experiences of a veteran successful sales manager. He said that when his team received stacks of business cards and leads after a trade show or sales promotion, often the leads just sat, untouched, on the desks, or worse, ended up in the garbage. Not good! […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #1: Ask!

It’s disappointing how many business people tell me they don’t regularly receive referrals from their existing customers. When you dig a little deeper, however, the reason becomes clear: Most times, they’re not asking for referrals! You might feel that if people are happy with the products and services you deliver, they’ll naturally tell others. While […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Introduction

We’re starting another series – this one on Referral Marketing. Whether you’re a self-employed dog-walker, an online business coach, a direct sales consultant, or a multi-million-dollar purveyor of electronic gadgets (Apple, anyone?) the number-one source of your best new leads is through referrals. Experts say that leads received via referral: Cost less to convert Are […]



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