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Brick and Mortar Marketing – Keep Your Social Media Positive

Social media can be a great help for your brick and mortar marketing. It gives you a quick and direct link to your customers and helps you find new ones. But done poorly, it can be more negative than positive for your company’s image. Here are a few of the most common mistakes and how […]


5 Brick and Mortar Marketing Strategies for Boosting Profits

Looking for a few ideas to boost business with your brick and mortar marketing? There are lots of easy strategies that will get your customers coming back for more. Here are five that have proven the test of time and should really profit your business. Offer a Coupon at Point of Sale A classic brick […]


5 Easy Ways to Use Brick and Mortar Marketing to Keep Your Customers

Here are five things you can be doing to keep your brick and mortar customers coming back and ensure that your marketing is a constant draw. No Follow-Up Following up with your customers is just as important and maybe more so than the initial contact. Many brick and mortar companies fail to follow up because […]


Brick and Mortar Marketing – Should You Be on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on earth. Although it’s used mostly by people for personal networking and entertainment, businesses have found that it’s an effective way to extend their brick and mortar marketing brand and communicate with their customers. If you’re wondering whether you should start using Facebook to promote your business […]


Brick and Mortar Marketing – Do Postcards Work?

Years ago, the Internet came along and changed everything in marketing for Brick and Mortar businesses. Brick and Mortar marketing relied on tried and true outbound marketing methods like cold calling, but now the Internet offers almost limitless opportunities for inbound marketing. Many even believe that the Internet has made traditional marketing methods obsolete. However, […]


Should You Automate Your Business Processes? Definitely!

This is the first in a series of ten posts about the need to Automate Your Business Processes. One of the nice things about the online portion of any business, whether online only or offline/online, is that you can automate business processes. Think about the many day in/day out tasks you do related to your […]


Why Do I Need Online Reputation Management?

Everything you or your business does or says these days may potentially wind up on the internet for ALL to see. Think of George Orwell’s book 1984…  it may be much more real than many of us would like to admit. But, we can control, to some extent, our online reputation and image by, “Online […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Conclusion

A strong and productive referral marketing communications plan is not difficult… but it is important! But remember: keep it simple, consistent, visible, and always in play – that will turn it into an annuity or an oil well – always producing new leads and new business. Make no mistake; a constant flow of referrals is […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #10: What NOT to Do

Normally, I like to end on a positive note, so in this post, we’re going to look at the things you want to avoid… but we’ll look at them in as positives for your referral marketing communications plan. Work around these pitfalls, and you will save yourself time, aggravation, and money… and make more money […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #9: What to Look for When it’s Not Working Well

You may have the finest referral-marketing communication plan ever, but occasionally, you will find some snags. Here are some ways to spot and smooth out some common problems: No one participates. Generally, either the rewards are not worth the effort for your referrers or your customers don’t know about the program. First, make sure all […]



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