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How to Avoid Expensive Outsourcing Blunders

Outsourcing is basically buying the time of others because you don’t have enough of it yourself. When you consider time as money (which, in business, is all it is), outsourcing to some, “helping hands” can be a very good deal. In fact, many marketers say that outsourcing is the secret to their success. It takes […]


How to Decide What to Outsource First – Consider These 7 Tasks

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the things they wish they’d done sooner is to outsource more. However, many of us today are working on shoestring budgets when we first get started. Depending on your funds, you may need to consider outsourcing a bit more slowly. As you begin to select the […]


Are You an Outsourcing Control Freak?

Let’s say that you’ve got a task you need done. You know exactly how it needs to be done because you’ve done it many times before. But now you’re outsourcing it to a professional you know can do it. You set up the job and they start working… but there’s a nagging nervous feeling in […]


Want to Outsource – 3 Things to Consider

You’ve probably heard experienced business people and marketers talk about how deciding to outsource saved their business. They usually say you should start outsourcing from day one and it’ll make everything so much easier. Well, in some ways, outsourcing can be like marriage. It can be a great partnership where everyone prospers, or it can […]


Do they really read long copy?

Guest Post By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero One of the more popular questions I get about copy from subscribers is, “Do they really read long copy?” Of course they are talking about the online long copy sales letters you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find out how much it costs. These […]


Website Creation Workshop News from Christina Hills

I know that the “rules” say that blog posts should be short… but I’m going to break the rules because I have THREE outstanding and important updates and offers from my colleague Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop, so let me get right to it. First… did you miss out on the free webinars Christina has […]


Free WordPress Webinar

Did you miss out on the free WordPress webinar my colleague Christina Hills has been offering this month on how to nail down the fundamentals of your online business and create your own beautiful website using WordPress? I attended online, and Christina really packs a lot of information into these sessions! This is a really […]


Fundamentals of Building an Online Business News from Christina Hills

First, I wish all of my loyal readers Blessings and a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year! Next, I thought I’d expand on my note a few days ago by including comments from your instructor for the upcoming Fundamentals of Building an Online Business webinar this coming Tuesday. So let me introduce Christina Hills… […]


Free Webinar: Fundamentals of Online Businesses

Are you confused about how to fit together all the bits and pieces of a successful online business? Wouldn’t it be great to truly understand the “secrets” of how to build your business in a way that allows you to make more money while also giving you the freedom to create more programs and serve more […]


The Raw Truth About Persuasion and Copywriting!

By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriter Strategist I get asked all the time, “Lorrie, how can I make my copy more persuasive?” Well frankly it helps if you can speak your prospect’s language. But writing persuasively is more involved than just saying the right words. You need to say them in the right order…and in a way […]



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