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Social Media Excellent Tool for Small Offices and Small Business

I just spotted an excellent article in Ad Age Online, “Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any Other Media” The middle of the article where Ms. Maddox talks about social being, “…a convenient and user-friendly platform by which they can connect with their local market…” really is the heart of the issue for the […]


50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing

50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing from NewsCred


More Content for SEO is Better but Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The online component of today’s integrated marketing communications includes both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies. And underlying that is the need for more content to keep attracting search engine traffic. But, as we generate information, it’s important not to sacrifice quality by remembering to write for people… our customers and […]


SEO – Quality Content More Important Today

Search engines are important, but today, it’s more important to our integrated marketing communications efforts to create quality content online… for humans… our customers and potential customers… who will actually be reading and responding to that content. This was not always the case. As Small Office Communicators, many of us learned that writing for search […]


Informative “Profitable Email Webinar” – Listen to the Replay

I just watched a very informative profitable email webinar, “Why You’re Sitting on a Goldmine of Leads and How to Start Profitably Mining Your Business for them Today!” It was so good, I want to share it with all of you. The program was by Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean of… some of you […]


New Article – If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!

Quick Note: As promised, I found the article, “If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!” You can read it here.  


Integrated Marketing Communication is for Small Offices Too

As we talk about Integrated Marketing Communications, we’d like everyone to remember one thing… this is not just for big companies – integrated marketing communications should be “integral” to even the smallest companies’, houses of worship, stores’… any small office communicator’s efforts. So whether in print ads, brochures, a referral program, radio, online, or TV […]


Learn with the Website Design Mojo Workshop – Save $100

Do you know Angela Wills – The Chief Mojo Maker? Angela has built her amazing flagship training program, “Website Design Mojo” that starts in 3 Weeks! (You’ll find that Angela is partial to, “mojo” as she uses it as a $100 off coupon for this program). And Angela is passionate about her business, and that […]


Strategic Communications – Communication Plan Analysis Part 3

In the first post in this series, we examined the need… the “Why are we doing this?” step that drove the program, and provided the yardstick against which performance would be measured. To recap: The existing situation or problem: Moderate existing market share Lack of respect for the company because of “me too” products in […]


Strategic Communications – Communication Plan Analysis Part 2

I outlined the Need in the first post; now let’s actually see how these needs point to the best tools to use to accomplish our communication plan goals. The Communications Action Plan: A major National Sales Meeting to introduce the product to the sales force – a real excitement-building event.  This event needed to send […]



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