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Integrated Marketing Communications – Fascinating Corporate ID Story

Just saw a fascinating integrated marketing communications story in Ad Age. A Norwegian grocery chain is building an entire Corporate Identification program around the grilling season (of course, my grilling season is year ’round… but in Norway, it might be a bit tough in the winter). They’re creating an alphabet out of grilled meats and […]


Integrated Marketing Communication is for Small Offices Too

As we talk about Integrated Marketing Communications, we’d like everyone to remember one thing… this is not just for big companies – integrated marketing communications should be “integral” to even the smallest companies’, houses of worship, stores’… any small office communicator’s efforts. So whether in print ads, brochures, a referral program, radio, online, or TV […]


Steps to Writing a Credible Story That People Will Share

We learned in the last post that marketing stories aren’t that different from any type of story that you read in childhood or that your parents told you. They all have some components that make them exciting, as well as a purpose, goal and moral. Follow these steps for the best results. Keep Your Audience […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – Your Logo Equals Your Signature

Integrated Marketing Communications starts with your company logo. Your logo is your company’s signature. It is the common element in all of your marketing materials that immediately “triggers” the identification with the reader or viewer that this is from YOUR company, and no other. For many years, I was the, “Chief Logo Cop” at Minolta, […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – What is It?

Today, there are many definitions of Integrated Marketing Communications – most are wordy and unclear. I prefer a simple definition that has served me well for quite a few years: “All your company’s marketing materials should speak with the same voice and look like they came from the same company.” It doesn’t matter if you’re looking […]


Interesting Article – Social Traffic Comes from Mobile

Interesting article and interesting concept: The Majority of Social Media Traffic Comes from Mobil. I have a slightly different take on this. I suspect that many communications professionals, when working in their offices, are at their computers working away… but keep their mobile devices close to keep an eye on Social sites to keep up […]


Interesting Business Article on Intern Programs

I just found an interesting article with some good background for those who run intern programs in their businesses, those who are considering starting an intern program, and those who want to try the concept of interns and see how it fits your business. Read it at: I would add the usual caveats about […]


Your Quality Content Should Speak with Your Voice

The best integrated communications have quality content written by someone who cares – who is passionate – generally has a distinct ring and snap or sparkle. The passion… and the knowledge… show through. You know that they really know what they’re talking about. The most convincing voice you can use in your quality content is […]


Why Content is Still the King of Online Marketing

Long before the internet was the reality it is today, what defined print was, “content is king.” So today, when online content is seen far more than print content, many of the world’s top Search Engine Optimization experts and web marketing experts still say that… “content is king.” Why? Even after decades, no matter where […]


Strategic Communications – Communication Plan Analysis Part 3

In the first post in this series, we examined the need… the “Why are we doing this?” step that drove the program, and provided the yardstick against which performance would be measured. To recap: The existing situation or problem: Moderate existing market share Lack of respect for the company because of “me too” products in […]



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