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Succeeding Online – The Simple Truth

As you look toward the New Year, are you ready to make 2016 the year you slip into the driver’s seat of your business and truly take control of how you’re attracting more clients, selling more programs, and building true relationships, and succeeding online? Then you’ve got to check out Christina Hills’ free webinar, “The […]


Time Management – How to Estimate the Value of Your Time

Good time management practice says that whether you’re working for yourself, working in a small business for someone else, or freelancing, it’s hard to tell exactly how well you’re doing money-wise without taking a careful look at the money you’re earning vs. the number of hours you’re working. It’s particularly tough to determine how much […]


Time Management – Keys to Creating More Time in Each Day

As small office communicators, we all feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Truth is, we get the same 24 as everyone else, and that’s generally more than enough to do what needs to be done. The challenging part is time management… making the most of those hours and also ensuring we can […]


Time Management – Identifying Daily Priorities for Maximum Efficiency

As Small Office Communicators, for time management, we’ve often got a to-do list for today that’s just a disorganized jumble. Everything on it seems critical, and we never know what’s going to happen today (see my last post about interruptions) and what if we don’t get through them all? The right time management solution is […]


Tips for Interviewing a Potential Outsourcing Candidate

Finding just the right employees for your outsourcing jobs isn’t as simple as posting your project on Upwork and picking the first person that sounds decent. Especially for larger jobs, you’ll really want to interview your potential resource. In order to get the best quality information from your interviews, develop a list of questions in […]


4 Secrets to Putting Together an Outsourcing Dream Team

Outsourcing has its challenges, and putting together an outsource virtual team can sometimes be a challenge too. A bit of patience up front on your part helps you get the right professionals and create a framework where you can all work well together. And even when you get your dream team up and running, occasional […]


Are You an Outsourcing Control Freak?

Let’s say that you’ve got a task you need done. You know exactly how it needs to be done because you’ve done it many times before. But now you’re outsourcing it to a professional you know can do it. You set up the job and they start working… but there’s a nagging nervous feeling in […]


Want to Outsource – 3 Things to Consider

You’ve probably heard experienced business people and marketers talk about how deciding to outsource saved their business. They usually say you should start outsourcing from day one and it’ll make everything so much easier. Well, in some ways, outsourcing can be like marriage. It can be a great partnership where everyone prospers, or it can […]


Website Creation Workshop News from Christina Hills

I know that the “rules” say that blog posts should be short… but I’m going to break the rules because I have THREE outstanding and important updates and offers from my colleague Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop, so let me get right to it. First… did you miss out on the free webinars Christina has […]


Free WordPress Webinar

Did you miss out on the free WordPress webinar my colleague Christina Hills has been offering this month on how to nail down the fundamentals of your online business and create your own beautiful website using WordPress? I attended online, and Christina really packs a lot of information into these sessions! This is a really […]



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