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Tenth Inning – Business and Baseball: The Game Reflects Your Preparation

Free Baseball ~ Ken Singleton* The difference between a good baseball player and a great one is not that the great one doesn’t make mistakes. What makes him great is that he knows how to handle it when he makes one. ~ Unknown When you watch a Major League Baseball game, it can seem like […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #2: Set Up a Successful Referral Lead Generation Process

A recent article in a sales magazine told of the experiences of a veteran successful sales manager. He said that when his team received stacks of business cards and leads after a trade show or sales promotion, often the leads just sat, untouched, on the desks, or worse, ended up in the garbage. Not good! […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #1: Ask!

It’s disappointing how many business people tell me they don’t regularly receive referrals from their existing customers. When you dig a little deeper, however, the reason becomes clear: Most times, they’re not asking for referrals! You might feel that if people are happy with the products and services you deliver, they’ll naturally tell others. While […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Introduction

We’re starting another series – this one on Referral Marketing. Whether you’re a self-employed dog-walker, an online business coach, a direct sales consultant, or a multi-million-dollar purveyor of electronic gadgets (Apple, anyone?) the number-one source of your best new leads is through referrals. Experts say that leads received via referral: Cost less to convert Are […]


Seventh Inning – Business and Baseball: It Hurts Worse When You’re Losing

Watch any sporting contest for long enough, and you’re sure to see at least one injury or near-injury. The runner stealing home collides with the catcher blocking the plate; the pitcher gets mowed down by a line drive; an outfielder runs into the wall. It happens – because they play hard and they play to […]


Fifth Inning – Business and Baseball: Ignore the Hecklers

Treat everyone with kindness, even those who are rude to us – not because they are nice, but because we are. ~ Anonymous Life’s too important to be petty. Ignore little hurts & keep moving. ~ Rick Warren Have you ever watched a professional baseball game and seen an athlete just go off on a […]


Fourth Inning – Business and Baseball: The Better You Do, the More Fun It Is

Well, boys, it’s a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square. ~ Joe Schultz 1969 Some might say that professional athletes have the best job in the world. They get paid to play a game that many millions of people only dream about doing! They spend the day […]



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