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Great Al Ries Article: Product vs. Brand

Ad Age online has a great article by one of my favorite branding proponents, Al Ries: “Having a Better Brand Is Better Than Having a Better Product.” When I started at Minolta, we were sort of an “unknown” imported camera brand, even though Minolta had been around since 1928, and many servicemen and women had […]


Just Re-Read David Ogilvy’s “How to Create Advertising That Sells”

You should too! David Ogilvy, and his star 50s, 60s, and 70s advertising firm, Ogilvy & Mather, created a series of full page newspaper “house” ads that opened their philosophy of advertising to everyone. They used these ads, quite successfully, to get new clients, but for us, as Small Office Communicators, there are lessons to […]


5 Ways to Pump Up Your Storytelling Muscles

By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist In 2014 we’re bombarded with more media messages in a single day than our grandparents got their entire lives. You heard me right! We see about 5,000 ads a day (one every 11.52 seconds we’re awake). Craziness. So how do you stand out over the rest? Simple. You need […]


Great New Book! Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World

Great news for Small Office Communicators looking for insight into building a productive email program for your company. I just published my new book, “Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World.” I’m sure you’ve heard that the proliferation of social media today has many people marketing for small business puzzled and, from my […]


Brand Journalism Is a Modern Marketing Imperative

Interesting article! Brand Journalism Is a Modern Marketing Imperative. in today’s Ad Age Daily. Though I think he is correct, isn’t this really just Public Relations? In our Integrated Marketing Communications for our small offices and small businesses, we, as storytellers, may be telling different stories, but our stories always relate to our brand. We […]


Guest Post – Secret to Connecting With Language

Imagine getting your ticket to visit a colony of creatures living on Mars. Would you simply go there without doing any research on their culture, their habits, or their sensibilities? Of course not! Yet many marketers erroneously waste their time spewing out generic messages to their prospects. They are not aware of how often these […]


Five Ways Good Design Can Help Your Business

Lately, Ad Age Daily has been offering some excellent articles that are relevant to us in the Small Business and Small Office Communicator community, and I’ve been happy to share them with you. Today’s article, though aimed at big businesses that hire large ad agencies, applies equally to us smaller folk. Over the years, I […]


Integrated Marketing Communications – Inside and Outside Resources Do It Best

Just read a great article in today’s Ad Age, As Marketers’ Internal Teams Get Stronger, How Agencies Can Collaborate. I have been advocating this since my early days at Minolta. When you combine their creativity with research data available to the folks who do creative every day with the creativity and brand knowledge of folks […]


50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing

50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing from NewsCred


SEO – Quality Content More Important Today

Search engines are important, but today, it’s more important to our integrated marketing communications efforts to create quality content online… for humans… our customers and potential customers… who will actually be reading and responding to that content. This was not always the case. As Small Office Communicators, many of us learned that writing for search […]



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