[NO COST webinar] Swipe Files – Your shortcut to world class copy

In business, we all want to make more profits, right?

After all, that’s why we’re in business, right?

Well if you’re with me here, then you know how much you need to market – market – market … and good marketing absolutely requires strong copy; for any business – photography, trombones, or the business of business!

So how can we get strong copy without shelling out a bundle for a pro copywriter… or spending years learning the trade ourselves (and meanwhile, what happens to our business while we learn)?

Well, experienced marketers have found… the EASY WAY. The copywriter’s time saving secret weapon is… SWIPE FILES!

Really, they’re nothing more than collections of high-converting hunks of copy (emails, or sales letters, or offline print jobs, and more) that productive copywriters quickly rewrite for fast, productive results.

OK… here’s an opportunity to crack the Swipe File Code in a one-of-a-kind, NO COST webinar, called:

EXACTLY How to Use Swipe Files to Massively Rock Your Profits!

Lorrie_Morgan-FerreroMy friend Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is hosting this training. (More about Lor in a bit…)

==> But Space Is Limited So Reserve Your Seat NOW.

This ground breaking webinar will be on Thursday, January 16th at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern. This powerful topic will certainly help you make a real difference in your business, so I’d suggest you register right away and check into the webinar a few minutes early to make sure there’s space for you.

Now about Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero…

I’ve known and followed her for years and I’ve shared several of her newsletters in my blogs as I have tremendous respect for her knowledge and ability. She’s very well known as one of America’s top female copywriters in emotional response copy, particularly when selling to women – but it works for men too. She’s been personally mentored by some of the great names in marketing: Dan Kennedy, Alex Mandossian, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and many others. But Lorrie has developed a style all her own that really connects… and converts.

And Lorrie will be the first to tell you – one of her top secrets is… SWIPE FILES. So this coming Thursday she wants to make it easy for YOU to begin mastering the art of “borrowing” successful copy to help you create your own success. In this 90-minute complimentary (that means no charge) webinar you’ll discover:

  • Ways to save hours of agony by following a few “must-do” steps BEFORE you start writing
  • Stealthy emotional tactics and copy writing devices you can weave in to make your copy deliver a knock-out punch
  • Where to find proven copy to add to your swipe file collection rather than being duped by copy that tanked
  • Lorrie’s follow-the-leader blueprint to swiping intelligently – step by step
  • And more!

You probably already know this…

Many a good copy writing course may cost you thousands … and that could be one of the ONLY places you might learn about using swipe files to add to your own success.

And you probably know that hiring a professional copywriter for just ONE sales letter could start at $5,000… plus, if they’re good, some writers may charge royalties… and can go up to $25,000 – or even more. Is that in YOUR budget? (It might be tomorrow, but is it today?)

Fortunately for you, learning the ins and outs of swipe files is offered to you at zero cost.

When you move from quaking in your boots when you think of writing copy to having copy practically write itself, you know you spent your time well. So you don’t want to miss this training.

Join me there!






P.S. If you continue to struggle through your copy writing …spending hours at your computer getting frustrated … what’s it worth? Professional copywriters use swipe files to save many hours. Think how much you can save just by committing to this complimentary training.

==> Register now for access to copy shortcuts

P.P.S. This webinar will be recorded and available for only 48 hours after the live event. After that, it will be for sale for $97. So register now and be sure to make space in your calendar to take it all in.

==> Reserve your seat now and be sure to call in early…

P.P.P.S. As an aside, I can confidently tell you that other world-class copy writing gurus and savvy business owners (like me) will be quietly registering and absorbing this webinar too. They know the goods when they see them, and they’re prepared to legally “steal” these insider secrets. Your life is about to change!

==> Seating is limited. Reserve your space today

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