Strategic Communications – Communication Plan Analysis Part 2


I outlined the Need in the first post; now let’s actually see how these needs point to the best tools to use to accomplish our communication plan goals.

The Communications Action Plan:

  • A major National Sales Meeting to introduce the product to the sales force – a real excitement-building event.  This event needed to send the sales force out on the street HIGHLY motivated and educated, and very ready to share that excitement with the sales staff at retail and motivate them to promote the new product
    • Product Introduction – a highly informative, motivational, and inspirational introduction to the product and the exciting concepts that were now available for this market IN THIS PRODUCT ONLY
    • Product Training – Extensive product training to send a highly educated sales force out fully qualified to hold training events around the country as part of a Road Show
  • An innovative Press conference to gain broad press coverage of new the product – additional image impetus for the company and the product to dealer network
  • Road Show
    • Impressive, big screen live event, toured to central cities in several major U.S. and Canadian markets.  Presentations like this were new to this audience – even in this market
    • Company executives would travel with the show to deliver the message face to face and “press the flesh”
  • Major PR effort not only to publicize the product, but also the unique way in which it was announced

In the next post, we’ll look at the results, and how they measured up to the goals and expectations.


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  1. Aurelie says:

    Thanks for the information I will experiment it and let you know

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