Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World

The proliferation of social media today has many people marketing for small business puzzled and, frankly incorrectly believing that email marketing is finished. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact along with responsive web design and social media, email should still be a main focus today for all your integrated marketing campaigns. To put it bluntly: The money is still in the list.

Hello Marketer…

World on TargetDan Davenport of the Small Office Communicator here, and we’d like you to know that not only is email not dead, but we’d like to tell you about a How-To Email Marketing resource to help you start using this great tool as part of your Integrated (what I call Common Sense) Marketing Communications program. This can help your small business or small office use targeted email marketing to promote and grow your business and build your email list to extend targeted email marketing for your small business to an ever wider audience.

First, who is Small Office Communicator, and why are we talking to YOU, the people like us who work in small businesses and small offices everywhere:

Houses of Worship Photography Studios
Beauty Salons Computer Stores
Hardware Stores Hobby and Craft Stores
Auto Shops Game Stores
Small Offices Small Manufacturing Companies
Small Companies Small Service Companies
Fitness Centers And so many, many more
Medical Practices

Look in any small business or a small company around the country, or around the globe – even on Main Street in your town, and you’ll find Small Office Communicators there. We’re the ones who get tasked to create or supervise the creation of the marketing communications materials; newspaper ads, brochures, radio and TV ads, incentive giveaways, etc. We run referral programs. We make sure automated phone systems represent our business well. And we do this without much training, and without the benefit of a fully staffed and experienced Marketing Communications Department… we generally get tossed into the deep end of marketing communications, or marcom, either because it’s our own business, or the owner says, “Do it!” So, as Small Office Communicators, what we want to do is a great job promoting our businesses by developing Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communications Plans and Programs with strategies, tactics, and messages for our brand in as many media channels as possible:

Advertising Social Media
Public relations Video
Sales promotion Podcasts
Purchasing Meetings
Employee Communications Etc.

Our solutions reinforce and leverage the strengths of each channel, are customer centric… relevant to each individual receiving the message… and build brand equity with consistent style and messaging.

And, you know what; doing this is really exciting and fun! We get to work with a lot of creative people, and at the end of the day, hold up a brochure, ad, or promotional item, and say, “I DID IT!” And when that item really helps grow the business, we’re justifiably proud of our work. It even helps job security because a successful business stays in business and keeps our paychecks coming. Good Stuff!

So as I’m sure you’re aware, today what businesses do to extend the value of face to face and phone interactions with our customers, is to rely on an email marketing program. Our customers may see our ad in the newspaper, see one on TV or hear one on the radio, but email really is how most marketing messages get sent, read, and acted on by millions of people every day. It’s this constant flow of useful information from small businesses like ours to our customers and prospective customers that keep our businesses top of mind, keep our customers informed, and keep them motivated to stay our customers.

Early in my working career, when I worked in a retail camera shop, I realized that a customer who only bought a camera might pay part of my salary that week, but what about next week? I understood that businesses need a constant flow of customers every day to keep the doors open and keep employees paid. So I needed to make sure my customers enjoyed photography, and wanted to take photos and bring in that film to be processed and printed – and buy reprints. And, later, I knew that we needed people to buy not just cameras, but lenses and accessories… to keep the paychecks coming, not only for me, but also the folks who worked with me.

Where did this additional business come from?

Informed Customers!

In those days, customers came into the store for the information that was in our heads, and I gave it to them willingly – partly because that’s the kind of person I am, but also, I understood that the knowledge that I gave them helped them to take better… and more… photographs. And yes, increased their desire for more equipment. But here’s the thing… there was no email. To get the knowledge from my head to my customers’ heads, either they needed to come into the store, or we had to offer a seminar for them to attend (more about that in a moment). But we had no tool to share photographic knowledge on a widespread basis… it was basically one to one. And let me tell you… that’s a slow way to spread knowledge to your customers… and build your business. If I had had email back then… wow, the sales increases I could have built!

Later, working at Minolta Cameras, again, what was in my head was still what I had to offer, and Minolta made it possible for me to share that knowledge much more broadly. As a Technical Representative, I went to schools, photo studios and camera stores all over the eastern 2/3s of the country. I picked up knowledge at some places, and dropped off knowledge at others. But it was still pretty much one to one with me talking to either individual people or small groups. Occasionally, however, I was able to share knowledge with larger, seminar type groups when I started the Minolta School of Photography. In those cases, I might actually be speaking to 50 to 100 people or more at each session. And what we found is that when we spread knowledge around, sales increased. (On a side note here, I will be forever thankful to Minolta’s president at the time, Sam Kusumoto, and the people of Minolta for giving me that wonderful opportunity. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun, a great career… and I really enjoyed the great experiences I had during my years there.)

So, that’s pretty simple… let’s scale that up a bit. First, we added several more people giving The Minolta School (which eventually became, The Maxxum Experience Photo Education Seminars). That got knowledge spread to a larger group… and sales grew.

Still simple… so let’s scale it up some more. But this is today, so now, let’s use email!

Now we’re talkin’.

Email lets small businesses share knowledge with their customers just like big businesses do – and for very little money. Lots of people will tell you about what I mentioned at the top… because of the proliferation of social media, email is a dying tool. I’m here to tell you, no way! Social media (and it’s a great tool!) can only go so far. But when you want to talk to YOUR customers and share knowledge that pertains specifically to THEM, email is the tool to use. It can be very broadly targeted or you can slice and dice your list to find just the right people for the information and offer you have at hand RIGHT NOW. That can make your email list hyper-productive. Today most businesses that have created productive email lists consider that list as a business asset… and very rightly so. If they decide to sell the business, one of the most valuable parts of the business is… their email list. So building your list is one of the smartest investments you can make – both because you can use it to generate sales, and, should you sell the business, it has immense value… talk about win/win!

But let’s bring it back to the Small Office Communicator. What can we, as small operators in small businesses and small offices do to solve the email puzzle and grow our list while not breaking the budget?

It starts with information – information your clients, customers, and hoped for clients and customers are looking for… and they’re looking for it from you, a business they know and trust. And if you’re looking for a road map through the maze to effective email marketing, Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World”by Dan Davenport is that map.

It’s almost a complete course in profitably using email in your business.

How can you get this fantastic information? It’s an electronic book, or “eBook,” so it’s not available in Brick and Mortar stores. Just Click and Order, and you can download it and start putting it to good use in your business right away.

How much do you think building your email list and creating a comprehensive email campaign for your company is worth? $50… $100… $150… MORE? Well for a limited time during our brief introductory period, “Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World” is available for only $17. You MUST use Coupon Code: 2016welcome when you check out for this special price!

Table of Contents

What is Email Marketing What Your Welcome Message Should Include
Why Email Marketing? Getting People to Open Your Messages
Getting Started with Email Marketing How to Avoid Junk Mail Triggers
What You Want from an Email Service How to Create Emails that Subscribers Will Respond To
Following the Law Email Checklist
The Design Process for Email Marketing 7 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Tools & Apps Defining Email Marketing Tactics from Your Strategy
Creating Profitable Mailing Lists Email Marketing By the Numbers
Components of an Effective Email Sign-up Form Email Marketing in a the Age of Social Media
Nine Tips for Effective Email Sign up Forms Incorporating Available Technologies
Your List Size Matters – or Does It? Small Office Communicator
Reaching Your Customers – Improving Deliverability About the Author
Earning Email Subscribers – Building Your List

Email Book

Here is an example of information that helps small businesses think through and build their strategies. Often, this type of information can is better shared as an email instead of a social media post:Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 1Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 2Strategic Communications: Communications Plan Analysis Part 3

It also ties in with my article at Ezine Articles:

Think First! The Right Steps to Effective Communications

Use these steps to start building the email strategy for your company.

This is the book to get you on the path to starting and running the email component of your Integrated (or, as I said before, Common Sense) Marketing Communications Program. Kind of like starting in kindergarten and advancing all the way through high school (no it isn’t a college level course). You’ll find out why email is so important to your business (if you weren’t already sure), and then the book takes you through the steps of selecting an email service, and we definitely recommend using a reputable email service rather than trying to send out lots of emails from your private account, and developing your email marketing for small business strategy. After you have your email service and your strategy, it’s time to DO IT, and my book steps you through creating your emails with messages that appeal to your customers and potential customers, and also how to ensure that your messages get delivered. Then, it is the usual, rinse and repeat for success.

Get this fantastic eBook today and start enhancing your regular interactions with your customers using email. Remember to use the Coupon Code: 2016welcome to get your special introductory price of $17.00!

P.S… And, of course, as you would expect from Small Office Communicator, my book comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, let us know within 30 days, and you will receive a 100% refund.

P.P.S… Act now, as I won’t keep this introductory price running too long… but that’s not really why you should act now. The real reason is that the sooner you buy the book, read it, and start your own email marketing program, the sooner you can start seeing results.

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