Social Media Excellent Tool for Small Offices and Small Business

I just spotted an excellent article in Ad Age Online, “Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any Other Media”

The middle of the article where Ms. Maddox talks about social being, “…a convenient and user-friendly platform by which they can connect with their local market…” really is the heart of the issue for the small business and small office communicator. Social media is also an ideal use of freelancers and virtual assistants (VAs). These helpful resources do not need to be in your office all day every day, they can easily work from home, or even mobile while on vacation… a really versatile, economical, responsive, and practical resource. My feeling is that it, in many ways, has the quick reaction and value of PR rather than normal media advertising.

As you consider your future communication plans for your small office or small business, consider adding a freelancer or virtual assistant to the mix to economically keep you in touch with existing customers and prospective new customers on an ongoing basis. Your social media efforts can work as a nice complement to your email efforts – and the two together may very well allow you to offset some of your traditional media advertising so you wind up with an insignificant increase in costs, but a worthwhile increase in visibility.

Read this excellent article here.


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