Review – The Traits and Habits of Successful Bloggers by Kevin Muldoon

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Kevin Muldoon’s easy to read and highly motivational book, The Traits and Habits of Successful Bloggers, is the wall to wall truth… His basic point is that running a successful blog is no different than running any successful business – in both cases, it requires dedication and hard work… PERIOD!

Research, learning, pride, analysis, devotion to your readers (and your business), when applied consistently, yield success, and each chapter of the book explores each of those (and several other) Traits and Habits and reminds you that is the road to success… sorry folks, there are no shortcuts. In the short period of time I have had the book, I have been reminded (I really knew it all along, but, like everyone else, needed to be given a quick shake) of that truth.

My favorite lesson is a paraphrase of a lesson that I learned many years ago, “Budget for failure.” In Kevin’s words, “Fail often, fail well.” In either telling, out of failure, Phoenix like, rises success – if you pay attention and learn.

Of course, an extended review might motivate more people to read this book, but like the book, short is right. What can I say? Simply that I would buy it again – it’s that good.

Amazon has The Traits and Habits of Successful Bloggers by Kevin Muldoon, and as a Kindle Book, it is very easy to own.

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  1. Thanks for the review Dan. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

    “Budget for failure”. I wish I used that term now. That’s a great phrase. 🙂


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