Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #8: Moving It Forward

Referral Marketing Communications Plan Man on TelephoneOK…your referral marketing communications plan is paying off and you have a collection of leads. These are not “hot” leads, they are only “warm.” Now you need to “heat them up” and turn them into sales… and fulfill your promise to your referrers. Before you start planning for that new computer, here are the next steps  to make sure that happens:

  1. Verify. Contact the referred customer. Many times, the information you get from your referrer is not correct, and you need to build the correct communication connection before you can even start a conversation. And, of course, occasionally, you will get a “fake” or not valid referral just so someone can get the referral reward. This is when you discard the junk and narrow it down to real prospects that you can turn into real customers – and reward the referrers.
  2. Explain. Yes, you now have a “warm” lead, but most likely, the referral won’t know how you got their name or why you are calling. Fill them in and always make sure to allay any concerns about inappropriate referrals. Let them know of your good relationship with the referrer, and how you can help them – follow all of your usual good sales practices.
  3. Attract. After this initial vetting process is the time to dig deeper into the prospect’s needs and get the appointment to start an actual sale..
  4. Sell. If you have your referral program predicated on getting an appointment, this is when your referrer is open for payment, and you should pay off quickly. No more than you will convert a prospect into a star baseball player with one phone call; you will need to nurture the new prospects to turn them into customers. Always keep the process moving… it’s just good sales practice.
  5. Tell. Let your referrer know that you contacted their referral and the initial results. An email or a post card thanking them for the referral and telling them how to claim their reward for the referral will go a long way to getting more referrals from them.

Communicate, communicate, communicate every step along the way. Communicate with your new prospect. Communicate with your referrer. Communicate with your staff if they are part of your selling process. It may seem like a lot, but, as with any business, good communication is just good business!

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