Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Introduction

We’re starting another series – this one on Referral Marketing.

Referral Marketing Communications Plan Man on Cell PhoneWhether you’re a self-employed dog-walker, an online business coach, a direct sales consultant, or a multi-million-dollar purveyor of electronic gadgets (Apple, anyone?) the number-one source of your best new leads is through referrals.

Experts say that leads received via referral:

  • Cost less to convert
  • Are more likely to purchase
  • Are more likely to refer you to even more business

So when you get serious about growing your business get serious about referrals, a lucrative source of new leads.

Over the next several posts on a referral marketing communications plan, we’re going to cover a series of tips that will have your referral-based business skyrocketing. Even if you just implement one or two of these marketing tips, you should find an almost immediate increase in the number of leads heading your way.

Ready to get started? Let’s hit it.


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