Hybrid Teams Increase Small Office Efficiency – And Save Money!

I have an interesting article published at EzineArticles- “Hybrid Teams Increase Small Office Efficiency – And Save Money

Remember, companies today have a choice: doing everything themselves with staff resources or hiring outside resources. On one side, you may have to maintain a large staff – not always the best practice, especially considering the seasonal nature of many of the things a company does. And companies today are always on the lookout for more efficient ways to accomplish their goals.

On the other side, handing a major project or process, especially in the critical Communications area, completely over to an outside agency can be extremely inefficient, sometimes very frustrating, and may very well not yield results that are in your company’s best interests.

Read the whole article here.

Great Place to Learn About PowerPoint

You’ve just been asked to prepare your first PowerPoint presentation.  Where do you look for guidance.  One good place I’ve found is Dave Paradi.  He has been studying PowerPoint and teaching folk how to use it well for quite a few years.  First, he has an informative free newsletter that is a good source of ongoing tips and ideas.  You can sign up on his web site, www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com.  He also has a great Guide to PowerPoint that you can pick up from Amazon quite reasonably.  It will definitely get you going in the right direction and turn you into a PowerPoint Pro in short order.

Welcome to The Small Office Communicator


Welcome to The Small Office Communicator.  I’m Dan Davenport — but we’ll have contributions from lots of others – and I’ll be your host for this venture into Communications Processes and Ideas for The Small Office.  We’ll talk about writing, writers, PowerPoint, presentations big and small, a little bit about advertising, and a host of other topics.  And we’ll welcome the sharing of ideas — let others know what worked for you… and what didn’t.

If your employer has tasked you to set up a meeting, create a presentation, create some web copy or other exciting projects like these, this is the place for you.  So many folks (I know, I was one) are in the knee knocking position of having to do their first communication project, and have no idea of where to turn for background, advise, hints, procedures, and everything else needed to create a great presentation and enhance your company’s sales.  Many of the people with whom I have had the pleasure of working over the years and I will help guide you through the maze to great print or presentation.

For now, sit back and relax while I get this up and running and start posting to this blog.

Welcome Aboard and enjoy the ride…


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