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Angela WillsDo you know Angela Wills – The Chief Mojo Maker?

Angela has built her amazing flagship training program, “Website Design Mojo” that starts in 3 Weeks! (You’ll find that Angela is partial to, “mojo” as she uses it as a $100 off coupon for this program). And Angela is passionate about her business, and that business is teaching folks how to quickly create productive and profitable WordPress based web sites. She started building web sites back in 1999… when it wasn’t as easy as it is today, and she’s learned a LOT about creating quality web sites that enhance business. For this iteration of her program, she will be welcoming a whole new group of people into her all-new ‘Private Skype Sessions’. She’s scheduling four weeks of focused learning and then (if you decide to join with the group) lifetime access.

She’s creating all new videos for the newest version of WordPress so you’ll have the absolute most up to date info (for instance, if you look at the sample video on the page I’ll send you to, it covers the older implementation of WordPress’s Media Library… new video, no problem! But I still like her teaching style.)

Add to that over seven hours of video training, tons of previous brainstorming sessions plus a ton of resources and tools, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse learning resource that can boost your business to a whole new level.

I don’t know how many of you, my loyal readers, are relatively new to business and communicating for business, but in today’s world, a nice web site is one of the main avenues that businesses use to communicate on a regular basis with their customers and prospective customers. It’s where their customers can come to, “get the story” about a business, see examples of their work, and, sometimes, begin communication that leads to a productive business relationship.

I do know, however, that many of you would like to create your own web site and avoid the aggravation of hiring and directing a web construction crew… but really think it’s a difficult proposition. Well, I, for one, am here to tell you it is NOT. For example, once you’ve found a domain name that suits your business; from registering the domain to having a functional WordPress site (like this one) operating can take as little as about, well, 5 minutes – really… that quick. And Angela is one of the right people to help guide you, not only through the process of finding the best, and getting your domain name (in our case here, smallofficecommunicator.net), establishing a web hosting account (in my case for my sites, at HostGator, whom I really like, though Angela prefers BlueHost – I’ve worked with both, and really think they both offer good value and are good companies and recommend either one… and best of all, both offer simple one click WordPress install).

Once you get your site up and running, the world of the web opens up for you and your company, and Angela’s course is the right place to learn about how to take advantage of that and create a web site that represents you and your business well. So her courses are highly recommended!

You can click here to learn the details about The Website Design Mojo. I definitely recommend Angela’s course, especially as she is running that special coupon I mentioned  for $100 off the course price. (I’ll put a sort of a “spoiler alert” here… it looks like Angela’s pricing is Canadian, where she operates from… up the road a piece from Toronto. So when you click through, and add the coupon code, mojo, it will show up in PayPal in your local currency, converted from Canadian Dollars, US in my case – just so you’re aware.)

By all means, check out Angela’s course!






P.S… Definitely don’t forget the coupon code: mojo

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