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Interview_InternI just found an interesting article with some good background for those who run intern programs in their businesses, those who are considering starting an intern program, and those who want to try the concept of interns and see how it fits your business.

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I would add the usual caveats about checking your local labor laws and practices before bringing in an intern. Make sure you do it right!

When I managed the Audio Visual Department at Minolta, we had a good relationship with a couple of local colleges, and occasionally would bring in interns to work with us. From my perspective, it was a good arrangement for us, and, I believe, it benefited the students well – as some of them wound up working for the company… not in my department, but the company saw how good they were and found places where they fit nicely into the organization.

What is also interesting is that, notwithstanding the value to the intern of working , “in an office environment'” you may occasionally find an intern with the resources, either at school or at home, who might be interested in working, “virtually” – outside the office environment. Or you may happily find an intern who is well qualified for the work you need done, and really is better suited to work as a freelancer…. but you’ll never know until you start looking.

On the other hand, interns get real world experience that is a definite plus on their resumes. And, sometimes more interestingly, they may find out what they don’t want in an career or employer.

Either way, both the student and the company benefit.

I think that’s good.

To complement the article above for your business, I also have three posts about interns and the benefits to your company of intern programs:

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