Integrated Marketing Communications – Inside and Outside Resources Do It Best

Just read a great article in today’s Ad Age, As Marketers’ Internal Teams Get Stronger, How Agencies Can Collaborate.

I have been advocating this since my early days at Minolta. When you combine their creativity with research data available to the folks who do creative every day with the creativity and brand knowledge of folks who are inside the company and are intimately familiar with the products and the culture, you build a synergy that’s really hard to beat. This also ties in with an article I wrote in 2007, Hybrid Teams Increase Small Office Quality and Efficiency – And Save Money. This article was based on my experience managing communications at Minolta, and I have not changed my position on this type of collaboration since I first arrived at it in the early 1980’s

I highly recommend everyone read the Ad Age article plus my article, and keep them in mind as you build the Integrated Marketing Communications for your company or business.


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