Integrated Marketing Communications – Fascinating Corporate ID Story

Just saw a fascinating integrated marketing communications story in Ad Age. A Norwegian grocery chain is building an entire Corporate Identification program around the grilling season (of course, my grilling season is year ’round… but in Norway, it might be a bit tough in the winter). They’re creating an alphabet out of grilled meats and vegetables and will create ads, tee shirts, and other items using their new, “hot off the grill” alphabet. Bet you they have NO trouble being identified as the source of that advertising… plus, they’ll probably get lots of additional PR pickup because of the novelty. This tracks through on what I said about consistency in messaging… everything must look like it comes from YOUR COMPANY, and cannot be confused with anyone else.

You may not have to go to the level of creating your own alphabet (though this is not the first time original type “fonts” have been created to support one company’s ID), but the important message remains to ensure that ALL of your materials look like they come from you.

Enjoy the story here.


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