Integrated Marketing Communications – What is It?

Today, there are many definitions of Integrated Marketing Communications – most are wordy and unclear. I prefer a simple definition that has served me well for quite a few years:

“All your company’s marketing materials should speak with the same voice and look like they came from the same company.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at ads on television, ads in the newspaper, ads in magazines, ads on the radio, printed brochures, web sites, premium giveaway items… anything that carries your company’s message should LOOK like your company and SOUND like your company.

If your company is advertising a product or service in several different ways, if there are consistent colors, typography, layout styles (like a logo signature always in the lower right of the ad), the logo looks the same no matter what medium… then you have, “integrated” your marketing communications. Think about this… If a potential customer or client sees an ad one place that has one look, and an ad a different place that looks completely different, you will lose the value of one of those impressions. But with integrated messaging and style, just that single second impression will have doubled your advertising effectiveness!

What’s the real benefit? When your customer registers that second ad, it makes your company look bigger and more successful – and more likely to be able to deliver a quality product or service that they are looking for. Then, with the simple addition of a giveaway item like a pen, you’ll continue to add effectiveness to your marketing efforts. Add in your web site carrying the same look, and the value of your marketing gets enhanced with each additional impression.

So you can see the value of consistent, “integrated” marketing communications. This is the first of a series of posts I’ll be doing on the concept of, “Integrated Marketing Communications.


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