Integrated Marketing Communication is for Small Offices Too

2-Knives-w-ShadowAs we talk about Integrated Marketing Communications, we’d like everyone to remember one thing… this is not just for big companies – integrated marketing communications should be “integral” to even the smallest companies’, houses of worship, stores’… any small office communicator’s efforts. So whether in print ads, brochures, a referral program, radio, online, or TV commercials, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter posts, or giveaway items (see photo), big marketers and small should always maintain the integrity of their voice, their logo, and brand ID. These are all our “signatures” that we want to remind customers and potential customers that we are always there. This helps cement in their minds that our company, house of worship, or other small business is a trustworthy resource. For us in the small office world, it means paying extra attention to our written and spoken wording to ensure that consistency. It may even mean investing the time and effort needed to develop a true, “Corporate Identity” visually and verbally to carry through all you efforts. This kind of identity becomes the, “Manual of Style” for your organization, and the extra effort pays off with additional connections to our readers and viewers.

You know, it’s interesting. Victorinox, the makers of the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife, have offered their unique items for imprinting for years. The two knives shown above were giveaway items from Minolta a LONG time ago, and I still keep them… but I don’t carry them as they are probably collector’s items now. But I do carry a small Victorinox knife (I think it’s the smallest one they offer) with me whenever I’m out and about. This means that each time I reach in my pocket for the knife and open a blade, the tweezers, or the scissors, I’m always reminded of the quality of Victorinox knives. Imagine the repeated quality impression your company would get from a pen, pocket knife or flashlight that everyone carries around and uses continually.

Another example… last year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, our church gave out small key-chain sized flashlights. Mine, with my church’s message is with me whenever I have my keys.

This is why you want to ensure that the message you use is always consistent and integrated into your full marketing message. Every time people are exposed to your message, you want to make sure they are getting the right message.


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