How to Decide What to Outsource First – Consider These 7 Tasks

Insource-OutsourceMost successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the things they wish they’d done sooner is to outsource more. However, many of us today are working on shoestring budgets when we first get started. Depending on your funds, you may need to consider outsourcing a bit more slowly. As you begin to select the tasks you want to outsource, here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Tasks that you’re not good at

Whether it’s programming or writing, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You might be able to learn how to do graphic design, but it wouldn’t be a great use of your time if you’ve never done it before. Especially if it’s a one-off task, think about outsourcing your weak points first.

  1. Tasks that take you too long, even if you’re good at them

Even if you are great at doing a certain task, there may be someone out there who can do it faster and cheaper. For example, if it takes you 6 hours to write three great articles for marketing, it may make more sense for you to hire a good ghostwriter who can do it in a fraction of the time.

  1. Easy tasks that require little skill

Are you spending time on menial tasks? These can be easily outsourced, usually very inexpensively. For example, submitting articles to directories, formatting documents to look pretty, or making sure your status updates show your most recent published content are all less-skilled work.

  1. Tasks that are taking up too much of your time

Anything that is taking up a large chunk of your time during the day is worth considering as an outsourcing opportunity. If it’s keeping you away from more important tasks, then it is costing you money in the form of your time.

  1. Recurring tasks that have a clear, easy to follow process

While many tasks can follow a step-by-step process, some are easier than others. If you have regular tasks that you need to do every week, but which can’t be automated, consider outsourcing them.

  1. Things you hate to do

One of the biggest motivations for outsourcing is the ability to delegate the tasks you really don’t like. Keep a list of things that really aggravate you and gradually outsource them.

  1. Anything that isn’t directly related to making money

As your business grows, you can gradually outsource all the tasks that aren’t critical to the success of your business. Figure out which tasks make the biggest impact on your profits, then outsource the rest.

You won’t be able to outsource everything at first, and certainly not to one person. However, outsourcing will free you up to focus on the strategic parts of your business, which will ultimately earn you more profits.


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