Have You Tried Online Meetings?

Years ago, when I was still in the corporate world, our training group was experimenting – quite successfully – with Online Training. Since then, the technology has been refined, and as it has matured, the costs have come way down to the point that a group of our local churches has been using it for meetings to discuss new ideas and how to best exploit them. Remember, churches and other faith based groups use pretty much all volunteer help, so it is very difficult to get a group of us from all over the area to take a lot of time away from our work and families for something for which we are not paid – especially in this economy. So online meetings are a VERY good choice for us, and serve us quite well.

We use GoToMeeting, but there are several other good alternatives. At our internet meeting, the leader of the group was easily able to share his desktop to show us a PowerPoint presentation outlining his perspectives and proposals, and then easily switch to showing us various web sites and how they are used to enhance the worship experience at his church. And the group of us, from all over the geographic region, participate from our homes. For instance, for me, I can have dinner with my family and then join the discussion – saving a one hour plus trip to the meeting. And, actually, being at my own computer allows me to “time share” with other things I have to do.

As a Small Office Communicator, if you have to put gather a group for training, information, or other situations, you may very well find web meetings good. The biggest gain is usually saving travel time since web meetings can happen from wherever participants are… across the hall or around the world – if they can get to the internet, they can get to your internet meeting.

And, of course, you’ll want to create great looking presentations, and I certainly recommend Dr. Dave Paradi’s book, Guide to PowerPoint, along with his web site, Think Outside the Slide.

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