Five Ways Good Design Can Help Your Business

Lately, Ad Age Daily has been offering some excellent articles that are relevant to us in the Small Business and Small Office Communicator community, and I’ve been happy to share them with you.

Today’s article, though aimed at big businesses that hire large ad agencies, applies equally to us smaller folk.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure and honor of working with and learning from many great designers. Though I never have been and never will be a good designer myself, from working with these designers, I have become more sensitive to good design and it’s value in a business. And Mr. Atwood’s ideas are certainly relevant and will scale nicely to our small business and small office environments. It just remains for us to educate ourselves to good design, and then strongly advocate for it in our day to day business. Will our business benefit overnight? Hard to say, but over time, insisting on good design in everything for our businesses can do nothing but help. Google and Apple, as Mr. Atwood notes, are excellent examples of this… we should all strive to exemplify this with our businesses.

This is another example of the value of how Hybrid Teams Increase Small Office Quality and Efficiency. As you build creative teams to help your business, always insist on good design as a major component of the work.

The article: Five Ways Good Design Can Help Your Business by Kemp Atwood.




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