Do Use PowerPoint? Do You Know Indezine? You Should.

geetesh-bajajJust a quick post to introduce Geetesh Bajaj. He’s been running a superb PowerPoint information web site for about 10 years (I’ve been a subscriber for just about the whole time), and, if you use PowerPoint, you should really know about Indezine and subscribe to their newsletter (ours also!).

Indezine is about PowerPoint techniques, tutorials, reviews, interviews, etc. It’s also home to the bi-weekly PowerPoint ezine. Their tutorials are top notch, and, especially for those just starting out, a great way to get up to speed quickly.

In addition to their outstanding tutorials, Indezine has over 5000 free PowerPoint templates for you to download. I’ve used some at church, and some for business. Either way, the price is excellent, and they are top quality.

Indezine is highly recommended!

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