How to Divide Labor Between Agencies and Marketers

Another excellent article from Ad Age Daily!

How to Divide Labor Between Agencies and Marketers.

This ties in well with my article from 2007 on hybrid teams,

As Small Office Communicators developing Integrated Marketing Communications programs for our businesses, it ‘s our job to determine which functions we can do well ourselves, which can be done with available staff, and which functions are best handled by outside vendors: freelancer, virtual assistant, or agency. While I was doing this at Minolta, my supervisor, the VP of Marketing, came up with an interesting term, “Full Service Client.” It was an obvious  playful play on, “Full Service Agency.” But since we had sophisticated design and production resources in house, it served Minolta’s interest well for us to work together with our agencies (advertising, PR, etc.) in creating a powerful image for Minolta in the marketplace, both with the dealers and with consumers – and, working together with our agencies and the freelancers I used, we did this well. It contributed to the era when Minolta cameras were the number one imported camera brand in sales in North America – heady times. One of the contributing factors was that, even with loading the internal costs for my department into the overall costs, we were able to deliver more communications for our budgets than companies that were competing with us were able to do. I think this was a major factor in the success Minolta had at the time.

See how you can create a winning synergy between you, your staff, your freelancers and virtual assistants, and your agencies.


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