Why Content is Still the King of Online Marketing

King_Crown-01Long before the internet was the reality it is today, what defined print was, “content is king.” So today, when online content is seen far more than print content, many of the world’s top Search Engine Optimization experts and web marketing experts still say that… “content is king.”

Why? Even after decades, no matter where words are found, content is still at the heart of good marketing?


When I worked in a retail camera shop and later at Minolta, I knew that businesses aren’t sustained by first-time buyers. We knew, and any successful business confirms, that repeat customers are what keep businesses going.

But more important, look at newspapers and magazines today. They make money from people who’ve read their content and decided it was so good they either want to purchase again or subscribe – repeat business. If businesses had to earn new customers every time in order to bring in income, they’d be long out of business.

But many businesses approach their online presence in the same way. Instead of focusing on repeat visitors, they focus on the often clunky phrasing that they feel appeals to search engines so they can get more new customers.

However, at the end of the day, the companies that are frequently publishing good content are getting most of the traffic from repeat visitors who enjoy that content. Sure, search engines love to see visitors that they send to sites stay and read – but the businesses would be a fraction of what they are today if they didn’t have great content.

Here, I make the additional statement, “Quality is Queen!” In order to be effective – and keep your visitors on your site and coming back, the content must be engaging, helpful, and relevant to what your target audiences is looking for.

Search Engines Love Quality Content

Almost from the beginning, Google and the other search engines have worked very diligently toward giving results that will keep searchers engaged. They actually track how long people stay on sites to which the search engines have sent them… that’s how they identify quality content. towards pulling up better results that are more closely related to the user’s intent. And once they have identified a site that delivers quality content (measured by how long people stay on the site), they know they’ve done it right. Why do they want that kind of “customer approval?” It’s their business. If they send a searcher to a site and the searcher stays there, then the search engine has done a good job… and people will go back and continue to use search engines that consistently find the information they’re looking for. That’s how THEY generate repeat business and build relationships.

Now, search engines are getting much smarter, so marketers who focus primarily on marketing tactics rather than quality content may find their traffic slowing down.

Google, as the leader in search engines, has shown this repeatedly by regularly downgrading the importance of low-quality links and enhancing the importance of usage statistics and other metrics that actually measure the content of a website.

So when you create websites based on great content while still paying attention to basic SEO, your site will most likely flourish. If you put all your eggs in the SEO basket and offer relevant content, you’ll spend your life trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines.

The value of great content – soft selling your product or service

The other side of the great content coin is that it’s also a powerful informational selling tool that can underscore the value of your products and services… and do so automatically.

Great quality content builds the relationship with your readers… a relationship that leads to trust… and ultimately, to sales.

Great quality online content that enhances your potential customers’ understanding of your industry and your products is your best bet for continued overall marketing success.


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