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New Article – If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!

Quick Note: As promised, I found the article, “If You Didn’t Measure It, You Didn’t Do It!” You can read it here.  


Interesting Article – Social Traffic Comes from Mobile

Interesting article and interesting concept: The Majority of Social Media Traffic Comes from Mobil. I have a slightly different take on this. I suspect that many communications professionals, when working in their offices, are at their computers working away… but keep their mobile devices close to keep an eye on Social sites to keep up […]


Interesting Article – Marcomm is Growing

Just read an informative article on a UK recruiting web site EMR Recruitment. You can read it here: Though this is talking about bigger companies in the United Kingdom, what it means for the Small Office Communicator is that Marketing Communications – Marcomm – is gaining respect and importance in the business world and […]


Interesting Business Article on Intern Programs

I just found an interesting article with some good background for those who run intern programs in their businesses, those who are considering starting an intern program, and those who want to try the concept of interns and see how it fits your business. Read it at: I would add the usual caveats about […]



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