Building Businesses within the Internet

Internet_WorldIn the mid-1990s, I was fledgling webmaster for Minolta. As I studied how internet service would be affecting business, I quickly saw that, in the old days, businesses were strictly one building operations – one building housed everything needed to operate the business, and all the people were together and pretty much available during normal working hours. And everyone in the building was connected as, “nodes” within the building by telephones with their attended PBX or switchboard, and in later years, computer networks… even, in some more advanced companies, the internet.

But that very same Internet has completely changed the old business model. Though many businesses still operate on the “one building” model with everyone connected inside the building, a new model has emerged. I call it the “Inside Out” business model. Now, the human and technological “nodes” of the business can be located anywhere… across the hall, or across the world. People are no longer tied to the central building of the business. Through the internet, the building walls have been removed and people can be, literally, anywhere This is the world of the Virtual Assistant and the Freelancer.

Telephone systems have been one of the great benefactors of this process. No longer does a business need a central “pbx switchboard” with and operator/receptionist. Now, entire businesses can be built with no central building or central phone system. Users can, indeed, be spread, across the hall, or around the world.

Inexpensive Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses from is one of the companies that are using the new technology of VOIP, voice over internet protocol, to expand the concept of virtual assistants even to the, “Virtual Office.” Your personnel can be in your building or in another part of the country… your customers and clients won’t know as, it is all one internet.

As you build your business, look at innovative virtual office solutions to provide more service to your customers while keeping your costs under control.

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