Brochure Creation: Top 10 Creative Tips

Create_BrochureJust read a very interesting post on Brochure Design: Top 10 Creative Tips.

Very good article, but I would reorder the tips considerably. Where they put several valuable design concepts first, I would move them down the list, subordinate to COPY.

First, as with every communications project, WHY are you doing this? Everything you do should point directly back to answering that question. This keys to, “What do you want the reader to actually DO after they have read the brochure?

  • Buy Something?
  • Sign up for something?
  • Join a club?
  • Join your Mailing List?
  • Etc…..

Just make sure that everything in the brochure leads the reader to your desired conclusion. This point is, correctly, their Point #1. (Also see my article: Think First! The Right Steps to Effective Communications.)

Then… COPY (their point #4). Their copy related points are right on: Put Readers First (Point #5), then, stylistically, Think of Simple Statements (Point #6).

I know designers always believe that the design trumps all, but, as critical as good design is – good design often actually gets readers to really read the copy instead of dismissing it out of hand… but the message cannot be subservient to the design.

As an aside, when we hired designers for our product and sales meeting presentations, I always had to; “rein in” the designers’ tendency to de-emphasize the end result photos that we included in the shows. For us, as a camera company (Minolta), the photos were of primary importance as they directly illustrated, in a snap (sorry, had to do that), the points being made in the presentation (a photo was definitely worth 1000 words). So we always had to make sure the end result photo image area to be a larger percentage of the overall screen design, to the designers’ chagrin. By all means, keep design excellent, but not the main reason for the brochure.

Once you have properly developed your copy, and then let your designers do their job – which may sometimes include copy adjustment suggestions. Their experience often will add greatly to the impact and effectiveness of your project – at least that’s been my experience. This is where my adage, “Hire the best people and encourage them to do their best” comes into play.

From that point on, their Creative Bloq’s points are very well taken, and, when followed, will help you get the best and most productive results from the brochures you produce.



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