Brick and Mortar Marketing – Should You Be on Facebook?

FB_Logo_webFacebook is one of the most popular websites on earth. Although it’s used mostly by people for personal networking and entertainment, businesses have found that it’s an effective way to extend their brick and mortar marketing brand and communicate with their customers. If you’re wondering whether you should start using Facebook to promote your business or not, here are some things to consider.

You vs. Your Competition

Is your competition there already? If so, you’re losing customers. Often, in addition to regular search engines, people search for businesses on Facebook and if they look for yours and you’re not there, they’re finding your competitors instead. On the other hand, if your competition hasn’t started a Facebook account yet, you’ve got the competitive edge. You might be the first in your area.

Are Your Customers There?

Although practically everybody in all demographics uses Facebook, there’s still the possibility that your customers aren’t there… yet If your target market is older people who are not heavy Internet users – again, yet!, it may not be worth your while marketing to them with Facebook. One way to find out is to come right out and ask. At every opportunity you have to speak to your customers, give them a quick survey to find out if and if and how they use social media.

‘Find Me on Facebook’

The traditional exchange of phone numbers has in recent years been enhanced by people – and businesses – also saying, ‘Find me on Facebook.’ It offers a great way to connect with people you’ve met offline. This is how many people make personal connections but also how they reconnect with people and brands they love. When you’re there, customers, clients, colleagues, business associates and anybody else your business comes into contact with can find you on Facebook.

Searching on Facebook

People are increasingly looking for the products and services they need using Facebook, though regular search engines still remain the most popular tool. This is especially true of local search, where people are looking for businesses in their area. This feature on Facebook is a great way to connect with people who you might otherwise not come into contact with. Social media sites like Facebook have also extend the traditional ‘word of mouth.’ People will find your business on their friends’ profiles and take that as a valuable recommendation. And the links from others pages to your page helps people find you on FaceBook, and also, regular search engines like them.

Special Fan-Only Deals

One interesting Facebook strategy that can work especially well is if you offer something exclusive that’s only available to your online fans. Create special deals that are only for customers on Facebook. Run contests using your Facebook page where people can win prizes. Establish a customer loyalty and referral system to reward your customers for likes and shares. All of these strategies give customers a reason to spend additional time interacting with your business, beyond when they walk into your store.

Interaction and Engagement

Facebook is different from a regular website in one major way – it’s all about interaction. If you’re going to start using Facebook as part of your brick and mortar marketing plan, the goal should be to get people onto your page and engaged. Give them something to do on your Facebook profile, and use that to bring them into your store. When you do this, it gives people a sense of participation in your brand, and this goes a long way in creating long-term customers. It’s long been said that people buy from people (and brands) they know and trust, and FaceBook is one of the many ways to develop this relationship with your customers.


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