Brick and Mortar Marketing – Profit from Pinterest

Pinterest_Logo is a unique social media environment based on pictures. It’s successful because, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pinterest can be used in brick and mortar marketing as well as online businesses to gain exposure and communicate directly with customers.

What to Pin?

When Pinterest first came out, it was really only used by companies specializing in visual products, like clothing retailers or interior designers. However, today businesses in all kinds of markets have found ways to use the site effectively… just mix in a little of your own creativity.

Show off Your Products

The most obvious way to use Pinterest is to show customers the products you offer. When you launch a new product line, feature it on its own board. Create boards for similar products or products that go well together. Another good idea for using the site effectively is to show your products in action. Take snapshots of people using your products or show creative ways they can be used.

A Tour of Your Store

You can other create boards that showcase your store. This is an especially good idea for stores that have a unique layout or offer a slightly different shopping experience. Another idea is to show the inside workings of your store. Customers love to see how products are made and delivered, and your board can give them a sneak peek inside your operations.

Creative Ideas for Using Pinterest

Beyond these simple ideas, there are lots of ways to get creative. You don’t have to only feature your own goods and services. Pin images related to your business. Social media websites thrive on customer engagement and there are lots of ways you can use Pinterest to get your customers actively involved. Have them send in their own pictures featuring your products and make boards for those. You can hold a contest and give the best photographer a discount or free giveaway – tie it in with your referral program.

Events and Videos

Pinterest can be used to showcase your offline events and videos. Your boards can show customers all of the things you do beyond selling the products they love. Whenever you have an event, make a point of taking pictures for its board. The videos themselves also work wonderfully as Pinterest content.

How You Profit from Pinterest

The key to using Pinterest effectively is to have a plan. What is your desired outcome? This should direct all of your activities using the site. Pinterest can help you get noticed by more people, give your customers a stronger connection to your brand, and engage them to build a long-term relationship.

Integrate Everything

How do you get people to your boards? The key is to interconnect everything you do with Pinterest. Install ‘Pin it’ buttons (like those below this post) on your website pages so that customers can instantly share with their friends. Promote your Pinterest boards on your site, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and your offline store. As I’ve always said, “Make it easy for people to do what you want them to do.”


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