Brick and Mortar Marketing – Get Your Customers to Open Your Emails

Email-Graphic_01Our email marketing campaigns, using a mailing service like AWeber, start with getting names and emails, but that’s really only the beginning. The real challenge – and what makes email great for brick and mortar marketing – is getting recipients opening, reading, and taking action on our email messages. Otherwise, it’s just wasted time. Let’s look at 5 ways to help make sure we get our customers’ eyes actually on our email messages.

Is The ‘From’ Line really you

Send a test message to yourself to see what your recipients see. If the ‘from’ line doesn’t clearly state who you are, your recipient is much less likely to open the message. In fact, emails from ambiguous senders are probably getting relegated to a spam folder. The ‘from’ line should be the name of your company and not an email address. It needs to be as instantly recognizable as your business (in other words, the list the customers signed up for).

Does the Subject Line attract your readers’ curiosity?

Most often, it’s the subject line that gets readers to either open or ignore messages. The subject line needs to capture the readers’ attention quickly. They’re likely to give it only a few short seconds of their time at most, so it needs to be so compelling your readers MUST open the email.

And messages also need to deliver on what the subject line promises. If we say in the subject line that we’ve got some secrets to share with them, the email had better deliver some secrets. If it doesn’t do this, our customers will quickly start tuning out messages – no matter how compelling the subject lines.

Is the content exciting?

If people aren’t consistently opening our emails, we may need a content upgrade. When we offer good, valuable content that truly helps our customer, they’ll be eagerly awaiting each email. If each email is a sales pitch or just plain boring, they’ll quit opening after a few. By all means, we need to walk a few miles in our customers’ shoes – what would you like to gain from the messages? It also helps to mix up your email messages. Don’t only offer promotions, but also give helpful tips, multimedia content, or other things people can use. One helpful ratio I’ve seen suggested is about 80% valuable content to 20% promotion.

Too Little or Too Much?

Frequency also factors into whether or not people will open your emails. It’s hard to strike a perfect balance. If you send too many emails, people will get sick of you. If you don’t send enough, they’ll forget they signed up for your list. As a general guideline, most people recommend sending two to three messages per week maximum, but it depends on the nature of your email list. There’s also the time of day to think about. Certain times have higher open rates – your email service should have numbers that tell this story.

Are you Testing?

It can be tough to figure out just how to make your email messages more productive… that’s why testing is essential. Each of the last three topics can easily be tested. Experiment with different subject lines, message frequencies, types of content, and other factors, you’ll start to discover exactly what your readers want. Even different types of pictures in the emails may make a difference. Testing gives you a realistic idea of what your subscribers like and don’t like. You can build – and bank – on that!

I took a more in depth look at email practices, and you can get my book, Solving the Email Puzzle in Today’s Integrated Marketing World, here. On the information page, I relate some stories from my earlier days working in a retail camera store and later at Minolta, and how email would have made an immense difference in the marketing I was doing at the time. I was basically doing brick and mortar marketing marketing one to one as I educated my retail photo customers and later, traveled around sharing photographic information with photographers around the country. With email, I could have been sharing that information not just one to one, but one to many. Read about it here. And don’t miss the special coupon code, 2016welcome. Enter that on the check-out page for a $10.00 discount… but I can’t keep that up for too long, so get it quick.


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