Brick and Mortar Marketing – Do Postcards Work?

Years ago, the Internet came along and changed everything in marketing for Brick and Mortar businesses. Brick and Mortar marketing relied on tried and true outbound marketing methods like cold calling, but now the Internet offers almost limitless opportunities for inbound marketing. Many even believe that the Internet has made traditional marketing methods obsolete. However, it’s not time to toss them out the window just yet. But Small Office Communicators know that Direct mail postcards still work if we use them effectively.

Qualified Leads

post-cardsWhen done right, direct mail postcards are brick and mortar marketing tools that can get you qualified leads that are primed to buy. The usual method is to offer customers a premium item or discount if they’ll complete a quick survey or drop in for a purchase. The invitation on the post card can “pre-qualify” the recipient and is a great first step in an effective sales funnel. Cast the net wide, sending out postcards to every address you’ve got, and the responses we get narrow the field down to qualified leads only. This is also a good way to introduce or remind your customers about a referral program where your customers receive some valuable consideration from you for recommending someone who then completes a purchase.

Offer Value

What you offer in terms of your premium or discount needs to be valuable to your customers. Even the five minutes it takes to fill out your survey can be a hassle for them so the premium sweetens the deal. When you select premiums for promotions like this, dollar value isn’t the only consideration here… utility will bring productive results. We really need to know our market and know the kinds of goods and services they want from us. When we match our targets up with the product they want, we do well.

Follow Up!

The reason many businesses have thrown postcard promotion out the window is that they don’t follow up. If we only follow up once or twice, we’ll usually find a weak response. This is where Persistence Pays! What you need is a follow-up system that keeps in contact with the customers. The system also needs to be designed so that it runs on autopilot in order to save you labor. And the answer to that is an autoresponder system from an email vendor like AWEBER.

Outbound marketing is more labor-intensive than inbound, which is where you create your content and let customers come to you. But the major advantage of outbound marketing is that it’s consistent. If you do it the same way each time, you’ll get the same results, guaranteed. Your follow-up system should do this for you.

Make It Easy

Another key to making direct mail postcards work is to make it easy for the customers to respond. I’ve said for years that we must always make it easy for people to do what we want or need them to do. If there’s anything vague or complicated involved, people will usually ignore us. Think of all the noise and static people experience every day (not to mention postcards from other companies). The response you want from customers should be as simple as possible.

Begin a Relationship

It’s important to look at the long-term when you use direct mail postcards in your brick and mortar marketing. Don’t look at it as one transaction but as the beginning of a relationship. Ideally, you should be following up with them for years to come. The goal is for your business’s brand to become a part of your customers’ lives. If you can achieve this, selling your goods and services to them becomes effortless.






P.S. AWeber has a great book to start you off with email marketing, “Growing Your Business with Email Marketing.” You can get it here.

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