Brand Journalism Is a Modern Marketing Imperative

Interesting article! Brand Journalism Is a Modern Marketing Imperative. in today’s Ad Age Daily.

Though I think he is correct, isn’t this really just Public Relations? In our Integrated Marketing Communications for our small offices and small businesses, we, as storytellers, may be telling different stories, but our stories always relate to our brand. We may use articles in the newspapers, pod-casts, blog posts, even print ads, radio ads, or TV spots; but we always tell our story, and tell it in a way that appropriate to that audience in that medium. And we know that this is the way we will get the best return on that story. In today’s world, because we have so many avenues to talk to our customers, we can talk to them as individuals, not as an amorphous mass. This is really exciting, so as small office communicators, we should take full advantage to help grow our businesses.


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