Book Review: Global Cheap “Budget Travel Guide”

Budget-Travel-GuideJust a quick note, I found a really great book for business people who are looking for lots of interesting ways to save money on travel, both for business and for pleasure. Brad Alexander, a former travel industry insider, has written a great compendium of travel tips and techniques that will save you a lot of money every time you travel. It’s called: “The Budget Travel Guide,” and you can read the full review here.

In my work at Minolta, I was involved in many site selections and inspections selecting properties for the sales meetings (large and small), press conferences, and product introductions we did over the years. Sometimes, I worked with the hard working folks at the travel agency, sometimes I made the arrangements by myself. And, of course, this was before the days of the internet and all the travel resources that are available online now. (I once set up a site scouting trip where I was able to inspect and plan for staging our shows in hotels in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Dallas – all in one day! – I left New Jersey in the morning, and slept in Dallas that night… aren’t time zones wonderful. Now, I could probably set that up in an hour or so.) What Brad did in this book was combine his knowledge of the travel industry along with a compendium of online travel sites for a complete – and I mean REALLY COMPLETE reference book on traveling quickly and easily, and for as little money as possible… a really nice combination.

You can read the review here, but long story short, I very much recommend Brad Alexander’s book, “The Budget Travel Guide.


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