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dwd200x200-ribbonsAs a multi-award winning producer of marketing materials and business marketing communications programs with many years’ experience in multimedia, video, print, and multi-image, Dan Davenport has two goals: He wants to help people who handle marketing communication tasks in small offices and small businesses find the path to the best practices that deliver customers, and he wants to bring back the excitement that has been seeping out of business marketing materials over the last decade.

After joining Minolta Corporation in its early years, Mr. Davenport created the first, Minolta School of Photography.  This exciting program grew into The Maxxum Experience, a series of integrated marketing photo education seminars, presented live around the U.S. by a team of Minolta Technical Representatives.  This marketing communication program expanded to video with individual informational programs and custom marketing materials available for each new Maxxum model.  The program continued for many years, and sold several hundred thousand copies.  Dan’s group also produced an extensive series of sales training programs that helped drive the success of many of Minolta’s key camera models.

To more cost effectively support Minolta’s integrated marketing photographic educational efforts, and to provide exciting and motivational product introductions, national meetings, and training, Mr. Davenport created Minolta’s Audio-Visual Production Group with art, photography, film processing, finishing, and programming in house. Operated by a very small internal staff, the group was augmented as needed for marketing materials production by extensive freelance talent.  This hybrid, inside/outside group produced hundreds of programs and earned more than 30 prestigious National and International Awards for the quality of their slide, multi-image, and video programming (see relevant article).  One of the hallmarks of the facility was environmentally responsible Ektachrome® and graphic arts film processing.  While the group was producing over 125,000 marketing collateral slides annually (only for Minolta), no photographic effluents were discharged into the waste stream or the environment, and all chemical constituents of the processes were productively recycled to commerce.

Davenport managed the staging of business marketing shows that his group created in many cities across the United States and Canada.  And internationally, he managed shows in: Mexico, The Bahamas, Cologne and Munich in Germany, Vienna, Austria, Glasgow, Scotland, London, England, Monte Carlo, Osaka, Japan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas, USVI.  In addition, he has presented shows aboard Caribbean cruise ships.

The money saving, hybrid internal/external marketing communication production system allowed Minolta to gain increased visibility in the markets in which they competed.  The time that Minolta made extensive use of these marketing communication elements; powerful shows, visually exciting video and persuasive print, combined with the strength of the highly motivated and informed sales force, plus the fully enlightened photographic press and dealer network, all contributed to driving Minolta up to and sustaining a very strong #1 position in sales of imported cameras in the United States.

To proactively manage this group, Mr. Davenport instituted an internal charge back system to track and recover the costs of operation, plus add perceived value to the programming produced.  He also instituted an annual survey to forecast facility use and establish personnel and equipment needs.

As he is very comfortable with both the technology and the business of marketing communication, he guided the design of a productive and intimate Minolta meeting and presentation space for executives, key dealers, and other internal audiences.  Designed for plug and play simplicity, this room — with a small stage, support for slide and electronic projection, lighting effects, and audio — offered a cost effective environment to raise the perceived importance for these presentations.

Mr. Davenport was a fully accredited member of the Audio Visual Management Association (now Communications Media Management Association), for which he was a Regional Director and Technical Standards Chair.  He also served on the New Jersey State Governor’s Review Commission to reengineer media production in state government.  He has had articles published in several magazines and his award winning media production department was featured in an article in Photo Methods.  He has attended and been a contributor to many industry and management educational forums.  He was a member of The Association for Multi-Image and acted as host for one of their annual meetings in Minneapolis.

Prior to Minolta, Mr. Davenport managed a camera shop in a Chicago suburb.  He has also serviced electrocardiograph machines and instructed technicians in their diagnostically accurate use.  And he served in the United States Navy where he specialized in the radar and computer systems that directed and controlled his ship’s gunnery.

Dan Davenport, EzineArticles Basic PLUS AuthorMr. Davenport thinks in terms of “systems.”  He finds exciting new synergies can be developed using existing human and equipment resources and get the most out of each.  His production teams are always encouraged to think beyond the obvious when working on programs, and when not actively working on programs, they are encouraged to develop new skills that will enhance their future work for all clients.  For instance, to add visual impact to a museum display on lens making, an innovative system was developed using existing slide projector dissolves to control lighting to highlight physical displays of elements being described in a marketing video.  The control data for the lights, and the visual program, were recorded on the videodisk that presented the show, reliably and repeatedly delivering an engaging and informative presentation at the push of a button.  And photographic strobes were often programmed into product presentations to add visual, “spark.”

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