5 Ways to Pump Up Your Storytelling Muscles

By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist

Lorrie_Morgan-FerreroIn 2014 we’re bombarded with more media messages in a single day than our grandparents got their entire lives.

You heard me right! We see about 5,000 ads a day (one every 11.52 seconds we’re awake). Craziness.

So how do you stand out over the rest?

Simple. You need a good story.

Let’s tackle the mystery of getting started…how do you find ideas?

1)    Listen to what’s going on around you – Yes, I’m encouraging you to spy at the grocery store, the gas station, the pet store, or wherever you are. Pay attention to random topics.

2)    Eavesdrop in a coffee shop – You’ll get to hear full conversations from the tables around you which gives you loads of ideas. Just be discreet.

3)    Always have a way to take notes – Whether you prefer writing in a notebook (like I do) or making notes on your phone or recorder, just be sure to get it down. You won’t remember all the gems. I assure you.

4)    Listen to storyteller channels in the car – There are endless podcasts and satellite radio stations devoted to telling stories. Besides iTunes, you can also check out NPR.com and search for storytelling.

5)    SIT! STAY! WRITE! – Grab a timer and start writing for 15 minutes without editing. You’d be surprised at how your inner writer will emerge when she doesn’t feel judged. In about 5 minutes, you’d be surprised that you can probably write 300 or so words.

A strong story forms an emotional bond with the person who hears it. That emotional bond is what triggers action – a purchase, a decision, a new perspective. Pair that with the technology that has leveled the media playing field, and you’ve got a powerful one-two punch that can reach large numbers of people, all over the world, in a flash.

No matter which marketing medium you’re using, storytelling will make it more effective.




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