5 Easy Ways to Use Brick and Mortar Marketing to Keep Your Customers

Store_FrontHere are five things you can be doing to keep your brick and mortar customers coming back and ensure that your marketing is a constant draw.

No Follow-Up

Following up with your customers is just as important and maybe more so than the initial contact. Many brick and mortar companies fail to follow up because they don’t want to be pushy, they forget, or they don’t have an effective follow-up system in place. However, following up is essential for building long-term relationships. It’s how we keep our customers, so be sure to keep in touch. This is where an email autoresponder series from a company like AWEBER is a great help. Once you have it set up, your customer keeps getting relevant emails from you that remind them how valuable they are. Emails don’t have to be often, but they should be there. The great part is that once we have this channel opened up, we can occasionally offer “customer only specials” at almost no cost.

Low Quality Goods or Services

With competition being what it is today, there’s no skimping on quality when it comes to our products and services. They must be excellent, or they won’t sell. Don’t believe for a second the old saying that ‘It’s all about the marketing.’ The quality of what we’re selling will shine through our marketing efforts. If we pass off poor quality on our customers, they’ll tell others and we’ll gain a reputation for poor quality. Always seek to constantly improve upon your offerings. There’s an old saying in business: “Nothing exposes a bad product quicker than good marketing.” And, it’s true!

Pathetic or Non-Existent Customer Service

Businesses today don’t care about the customers that are their lifeblood and they don’t take any responsibility for making sure that all is well in customer-land. People are jaded and many have just accepted poor customer service as a fact of life. What an opportunity this opens up for us. If we bend over backwards for our customers, we’ll blow them away. Good customer service is the wow factor that turns any company into a business loved by all. Plus, when we offer good customer service, we outdo any competition who hasn’t realized its value. Another good business adage: “Under promise and over deliver!” Try it and see how well it improves your business.

Bad Mouthing Your Competitors

Sure, some of our competitors may not be very nice, but we really don’t want to be the ones saying that. Bad mouthing them makes us look unprofessional, defensive, and petty. The best thing we can do is to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. Instead, to show that we have confidence in our business focus instead on our own high quality offerings. Bad mouthing the competition shows we really may not believe that. Many years ago when I moved from the Midwest to the East, I had several van lines bid on the job. One of the van line reps spent more time telling me how bad the other lines were than they did assuring me about their quality. As you may well imagine, I didn’t select that mover.

Not Giving Guarantees or Refunds

Many companies today may not offer a guarantee because they’re afraid their goods will be returned. What kind of confidence does that show? When we offer a guarantee, this shows that we know our product is quite good, and we’re willing to return our customers’ money if they don’t think so as well. Yes, you’ll get a few refunds here and there but it won’t be much. Budget for this. But if you do end up with lots of refunds, this is your customers telling you that you’ve got some fixin’ to do.

Listen and Learn

No matter what business you’re in, it’s all about listening and responding to your customers. Don’t assume you know what they like or what they’re looking for. Companies that communicate well and pay attention to feedback succeed because they’ve got their fingers on the pulse. Establish several lines of communication with your customers (like web sites and Social Media) and don’t be afraid to ask them how you’re doing. (Remember the great Mayor Ed Koch of New York City… he was always asking, “How am I doing?!”) This can also be a great starting point for your referral program.


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