5 Brick and Mortar Marketing Strategies for Boosting Profits

5_Marketing_IdeasLooking for a few ideas to boost business with your brick and mortar marketing? There are lots of easy strategies that will get your customers coming back for more. Here are five that have proven the test of time and should really profit your business.

Offer a Coupon at Point of Sale

A classic brick and mortar marketing strategy that always gets people back in the door is to offer a coupon at the point of sale that they can use on their next visit (your know this works because the grocery store where many people shop always prints coupons as we check out). This strategy does two things at once – it gets the customers to come back and also rewards their loyalty. Give customers something exclusive that they’ve earned by being your customer.

Deals through Email

As you gather your customers’ email addresses, send them follow-up offerings them special deals. This works in essentially the same way as the coupons, the only difference is that you’re doing it online – and you’re making sure your customers do not regret giving you their email. When you email your customers, make sure that the ‘from’ line of your email says clearly who you are. Otherwise, the email may get tossed into their spam folder. If you plan to do more emailing, or as your list grows, seriously consider investing in an email provider like AWeber that automates sending emails for you. Many personal email providers will not let you send lots of emails as they think you are spamming – but providers like AWeber pride themselves in their relationships with internet service providers so your emails through these companies will most often get delivered unimpeded.

Always have an expiration date on your special sales

Your customers are much more likely to respond to a limited-time offer because scarcity sells. Hold a ‘flash sale’ for a short period of time, like 24 hours. Publicize this sale through your social media profiles and pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and through other online channels such as your blog and email (snail mail promotion us usually too slow for this type of event). Make sure it’s abundantly clear that the sale is only for a short time and offer great deals that they’d be crazy to pass up.

Joint Venture with Other Businesses

Another brick and mortar marketing strategy is to connect with other similar businesses in your area and launch a joint venture. Find businesses that share some of your customer base or are about your customers’ related interests. Joint ventures are mutually beneficial because you each share your customer base and also get a chance to market to the customers of other businesses. Run a beauty salon… partner with a barber shop for family discounts. Run a gym… partner with a health food outlet for complementary sales… you get the idea. See what’s in your neighborhood and build relationships that are good for all the local businesses.

Give It Away

Offer free samples or premiums with a purchase. Many businesses cringe at the idea of just giving stuff away, not realizing how powerful this is. When you give customers a sample, they see the quality of your offering. If your product or service is something customers can’t live without, they’ll be coming back for more (and paying this time)… consider the barber shop/beauty salon example above. Samples of hair care products, that are often provided very inexpensively or at no charge by distributors, can often bring customers back to buy. See what is available for your products.

Leverage Your Social Media Presence

All of these strategies work even better when combined with online social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If your business isn’t already active on these sites, get started right away creating profiles, pages, and building a fan base. On all of your marketing materials, ask your customers to ‘find us on Facebook,’ and tell them that you’ll be offering exclusive deals there as well as offline. Social media is an extremely effective way to reach your customers. And, of course, like email, this is a great place to announce new products as you add them to your inventory.


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