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Time Management – How to Estimate the Value of Your Time

Good time management practice says that whether you’re working for yourself, working in a small business for someone else, or freelancing, it’s hard to tell exactly how well you’re doing money-wise without taking a careful look at the money you’re earning vs. the number of hours you’re working. It’s particularly tough to determine how much […]


Thank You Veterans

We at Small Office Communicator would like to express our thanks and to honor and recognize all of the brave Americans who have served or continue to serve. They volunteer to stand between we, the citizens of this great nation and those who would do us harm and for this we owe them our deepest gratitude […]


Time Management – Keys to Creating More Time in Each Day

As small office communicators, we all feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Truth is, we get the same 24 as everyone else, and that’s generally more than enough to do what needs to be done. The challenging part is time management… making the most of those hours and also ensuring we can […]


Time Management – Identifying Daily Priorities for Maximum Efficiency

As Small Office Communicators, for time management, we’ve often got a to-do list for today that’s just a disorganized jumble. Everything on it seems critical, and we never know what’s going to happen today (see my last post about interruptions) and what if we don’t get through them all? The right time management solution is […]


Time Management – Identifying and Dealing with Your Time Wasters

Ever wonder how you can possibly work so much and never seem to get anything done? As small office communicators, one of the most important time management skills we can develop is actually identifying the things that waste our time and, most important, take control of them. Here are a few of the time wasters […]



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