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Ten Tips from My Book, Business and Baseball


Great Article on Evaluating Outside Supplier Relationships

Just spotted a great article, again, in Ad Age Daily: “Even the Best Client-Agency Relationships Need Evaluations” by Judy Neer. You can read it here. When you read the article, obviously, Ms. Neer is talking about large clients and large agencies. But her ideas scale down very well to small businesses, small offices, and Small […]


Social Media Excellent Tool for Small Offices and Small Business

I just spotted an excellent article in Ad Age Online, “Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any Other Media” The middle of the article where Ms. Maddox talks about social being, “…a convenient and user-friendly platform by which they can connect with their local market…” really is the heart of the issue for the […]


Great Storytelling Article with Kevin Spacey

Just read a great follow up article to our series on Marketing with Storytelling. All I need to say is, “Yup!” Kevin appeared at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, and wowed the audience supporting what all of us in marketing have known for a LONG time, Storytelling Sells! You can read the article here. By […]


Great Al Ries Article: Product vs. Brand

Ad Age online has a great article by one of my favorite branding proponents, Al Ries: “Having a Better Brand Is Better Than Having a Better Product.” When I started at Minolta, we were sort of an “unknown” imported camera brand, even though Minolta had been around since 1928, and many servicemen and women had […]



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